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A Lot of Big Brother FranceFrance, HRE, Italy (Chibitalia), Spain
Big Brother France and That KidEngland, France
Japan VS ItalyItaly, Japan
America, England, France, Russia
Germany VS ItalyGermany, Italy
France VS ItalyFrance, Italy (Chibitalia)
The Story about the Early Days of China and JapanChina, Japan, Russia, Tibet
England, Italy, Mongolia

Traits of Japanese People that Americans Have NoticedAmerica, Japan
Reduce your opponent’s willpower American-styleAmerica, Italy, Japan, Russia
America and EnglandAmerica, England
General WinterAmerica, China, England, France, Italy, Russia

A Japan and an Italy that Sleep Well Grow Strong?Italy, Japan
Austria, China, Hungary, Romano, Russia
England Caught a ColdAmerica, England, France
Finland, nyo!South Korea
Big Brother France and the Information Manipulation Activities!England, France, Germany, Italy
Fantasy EnglandFrance, England
Italy’s Big BrotherChina, England, France, Italy, Germany, Romano, Russia

Italy and JapanGermany, Italy, Japan
Making Hetalia IconsAmerica, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Switzerland
Italy and Germany’s Dirty JokesGermany, Italy, Japan
America, England, Poland
Italy Practice Comic Bonus Germany, Italy
Chibitalia and Holy Roman EmpireAustria, Italy (Chibitalia), HRE

Germany and the Drug StoreGermany
For Some Reason, They Sleep NakedGermany, Italy, Japan, Romano
Ancient Rome
England’s Plan to be the StrongestAmerica, China, England
In ViennaAustria, Hungary, Italy
In FranceFrance Italy
Gakuen HetaliaUntranslated. The images on this page have been lost.
To the Demo Version of Gakuen HetaliaUntranslated. The download mirror links no longer function.

England’s EggAmerica, China, France, England
BabiesItaly (Chibitalia)
Little Ita's DreamHRE, Italy (Chibitalia), Japan
Let’s Go Take a Look at EstoniaEstonia, Latvia, Russia
China MelancholyChina, Russia
England, Japan

The Austrian AnschlussAustria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy
African War Front ~ Wish on a StarAmerica, England, Germany, Italy
Chinese-style Mini Revolution and Let's Assist the French Economy!America, China, France, England, Italy, Russia
Big Brother France and the Frying PanAustria, France, Hungary
Chapter 5 BonusGermany Italy
Czechoslovakia, China, England

Cat FestivalAustria, HRE, Hungary, Italy (Chibitalia)
Supersize you!America, China, England, France, Japan
The Story of Italy’s Big BrotherEngland, Italy, Romano, Spain
Black Ships Have Come~America, England, Japan, Japanese Feudal Domains

Boss Spain’s Control of Southern ItalyAustria, France, Italy (Chibitalia), Romano, Spain
Something Written as the Immediate EffectAustria, Hungary, Italy (Chibitalia)
Truly Just a Scribble ComicEstonia, Germany, Italy (Chibitalia), Latvia, Russia
Before the Boxer RebellionChina, England, France, Russia

Axis Powers JokesFrance, Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Switzerland
Some Jokes About ChinaChina, Italy, Japan
Digesting Requests, Little by LittleAustria, France, Italy, Spain
Checkmating PolandLithuania, Poland
The Anglo-Japanese Alliance Between Two Lonely PeopleEngland, France, Germany, Japan
America, Russia

Assault☆The Neighbor’s Roswell IncidentAmerica, England
About the Fact That Russia’s History is Too ScaryLithuania, Russia
A Kind of Aristocratic ComicAustria, France, Germany
Holy Roman Empire Swimming in a RiverHRE, Italy (Chibitalia)
Something Like Scribbles on the Desk Exposednyo!Germany, Italy, nyo!Italy, Japan, nyo!Japan, Korea, Thailand, China
Austria and the Little SquirtAustria, Italy (Chibitalia)
SovietsEstonia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia
America, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy (Chibitalia), Japan, Korea, Switzerland

~ Lithuania’s Outsourcing Series ~ Characters
Lithuania’s Out-SourcingAmerica, England, Lithuania, Russia
Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Part 2America, England, Lithuania, Poland
nyo!America, nyo!China, nyo!England, nyo!France, Latvia, Switzerland
Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Part 3 (The Great Depression)America, Austria, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Egypt, Italy, Seychelles
Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing SequelLithuania, Russia
Estonia, Latvia, Poland

~ Korea Joke Series ~ Characters
It’s My First Appearance and All I Get Are Some Scribbles!China, Japan, South Korea
What Do You Mean, I'm Starting Crap?!Japan, South Korea
Korea JokesChina, Japan, South Korea
Korea's Private PicturesChina, South Korea

You Know, We’re Kind of…Germany, Italy, Japan
Boss Spain’s Control of Southern Italy Part 2France, Italy (Chibitalia), Romano, Spain, Turkey
Italy’s Beautiful ArchitectureEngland, France, HRE
France and the Olympia RomanceEngland, France, Greece, Switzerland
America, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Russia
Dream United KingdomEngland, France
Greece and Japan and the Cat RelationGreece, Japan
England and the Ghost at America’s HouseAmerica, England, France

Shared Fate CountryAmerica, England, France
Italy and the African War FrontEngland, Germany, Italy
Spain’s Lazy MorningItaly, Romano, Spain
Lazy Comic CountryAmerica, China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lithuania
England, France, Latvia, Poland, Romano, Russia, Spain Switzerland