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Human Name: Berwald Oxenstierna – Age: 21
[Official Name] Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden)
[Capital] Stockholm
[Official Language] Swedish
[Birthday] June 6 (National Flag Day)

1st Web Bio: Formerly a Viking that was known as “The Lion of Northern Europe.” A long time ago, had actually fought with Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Denmark and possessed territory in Livonia, Estonia, and Karelia. Was called “The Conqueror of the Baltic Sea,” but it fell as the times passed by. Recently stopped fighting and is continuing to stand neutral about military matters. Due to the fact that he was born in a cold area, he doesn’t talk much. His personality is honest, serious, and likes debates. Hobbies include making furniture, glass crafts/art, and welfare. Is also currently making a ridiculously large amount of canned Surströmming, the food that can pretty much be used as an ultimate weapon.
Translation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A guy with an intimidating air who doesn’t talk much and is difficult to understand. On the inside he’s playful, but it doesn’t show at all and he just seems scary. There was also a time when he was called the Supreme Ruler of Scandinavia, but nowadays he’s calmed down and put a lot of strength into welfare. He likes being a “weekend carpenter” and decorative arts. He also likes arguing.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: A methodical, taciturn, quiet, argument-loving northern country! In reality, he is full of emotion, but his face doesn’t show it! His fingers are skillful, but his social disposition is awkward! His canning areas have become dangerous weapons!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: A silent big brother with a face impossible to read. Actually, he is often overcome with emotion, but never lets it show.
Translation: const-victoria

Vol 5 Bio: He is a quiet and kind guy with a playful side! He’s good with his hands, but not so good with getting along with others! He really likes his neighbor, Finland!
Translation: wiccat

Vol 6 Bio: Taciturn and stone-faced, nobody really know what this young man is thinking. He is very playful on the inside but many people fear him because of his intimidating air. He is very active in public welfare.
Translation: lost-hitsu

HWS Chapter 108 Bio: The country of the lion of the north! He looks composed and straitlaced and by the book, but he can be pretty mischievous and he is tolerant in many ways. However, lately his tolerance has been increasingly taken advantage of, so right now he’s trying to figure out how much he should tighten his guard. He usually doesn’t speak much, however, his talkativeness may multiply by around 1.5 times when he drinks alcohol.
Translation: y4nderenka, losthitsu, donamoeba