South Korea

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South Korea
Human Name: Im Yong Soo – Age: 15-16
[Official Name] 대한민국 (Republic of Korea)
[Capital] Seoul
[Official Language] Korean
[Birthday] August 15
[National Flower] Rose of Sharon

1st Web Bio: An unbelievable nation in the south of the Korean peninsula. Fundamentally, he is serious and puts the family first (the family is important), but when it comes to Japan, he hustles more than usual. Really muscular probably due his military experience. Loves kimchi to the point of taking it into space and pissing off France. Hobbies include saying he’s the creator of things, watching dramas, and studying abroad. Recently, he’s been flashmobbing Canada. Lately, he’s even started to say things like “Aniki (Big Brother)’s aniki is me!” or “I’m the one who created kanji!” to the point where China is about to snap.
Translation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A young man who shouts “~da ze!” and is always “Going My Way”. It’s a daily occurrence for him to try and claim he is the origin of things. He usually says “da ze!”, but for the custom of cherishing your elders, he uses very polite language for people above him. His hobbies include studying abroad and watching dramas. Seems like he also likes Canada… He loves the internet and games.
Translation: nisecal