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Comic Bio: Originally an independent nation, before he knew it he was a part of Italy. So then they thought, “Let’s be independent!” and declared as such.
However even after the Declaration of Independence, they peacefully continued to live as Italians. They were all kinds of exhilarated after being in the spotlight for going independent.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 4 Bio: [Untranslated.]

Micro Profile: A cheerful, self-proclaimed independent nation seated on a hilltop. His speaking style is a bit-a unusual! He’s friendly and very gentle. An epicure. One day he thought, “Now that I think about it, my home was never a part of-a Italy if you think about it historically.” and declared his independence. When he declared independence, not only was there zero dispute between Italy and Seborga, but even today he still takes his duties, rights and freedoms as an Italian citizen seriously! When Seborga declared independence, Italy was receiving quite a few more tourists than usual, so they thought it’d be a good time for some good business. But not only did the people of Seborga not really want to do business, but the shops opened late and closed early and the people of Seborga continued to enjoy their calm, laid-back lifestyle during this period. Also their site has a very nostalgic feel to it. His patriotic hymn is titled “Ti amo mio Seborga (I Love You my Seborga)!
→Italy – You’re always welcome to-a tour my home! I’d be even happier if you brought a cute girl along-a too!
Translation: spaceinvaderdud

Vol 6 Bio: A composed and carefree young man that declared his independence from Italy. That made him pretty famous, which in turn helped to bring him more tourists.
Translation: lost-hitsu