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Human Name: Peter Kirkland – Age: 12
[Official Name] Principality of Sealand
[Capital] The whole territory
[Birthday] September 2

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: The miracle tiniest nation (still unrecognized) that was an aftereffect of England’s out in the ocean and became a country at some point. A boy that runs around kind of recklessly and uses the expression, “~na no desu yo”. He’s got a small body, but it’s entirely made of steel so he can shoot a Rocket Punch and also boast at a probably unreasonable level. Lately, he’s been selling Noble Ranks to America and Japan, but he’s still been doing pretty good. He prefers a pleasant internet. Seems like he’s selling his Prince, too.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 4 Bio: [Untranslated]

Micro Profile: A sea fort that was neglected by England that became a nation before England knew what happened! He’s an active boy with a really cheerful voice who’s the self-proclaimed smallest nation in the world! England finds him irritating but that doesn’t really concern Sealand at all. The Price of Sealand always seems to go somewhere everyday so the soldiers left there look after Sealand while he’s away. Now currently recruiting friends and countries that have recognized him as a country. His hobby is to play football with other nations that haven’t been recognized too. The Prince of Sealand formed his official football team by sending a letter stating “Become part of my official football team!” and they came to represent Sealand.
→England – Has a hunch that he’s been recognized by him.
→Germany – Has a hunch that he’s been permitted to be recognized.
→Japan – Has a hunch that he might just be recognized by him.
→Sweden – Has a hunch that he might want to buy him.
Translation: spaceinvaderdud

Vol 6 Bio: A fortress England left in the sea that somehow became its own country. He adds “nano desu yo” to his sentences and is a very energetic young boy. He wants to be recognized by England. He is also selling nobility titles!
Translation: lost-hitsu