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Human Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A country that was born to fight the same battles as Austria, but opposite of Austria he managed to avoid any marriages and do nothing but fight, so he’s kind of a hooligan. He’s very loyal to his leaders, and loves Old Man Fritz. A young man who’ll use any means to become strong. He affectionately calls Germany “West”. Also, he hates Russia.
※ St. Maria Order → Teutonic Knights → (Some other stuff) → Prussia → is basically how it went down.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: The overbearing, ore-sama-natured older brother of Germany! His manners when passing through are terrible! But surprisingly, his true nature is the methodical, severe, serious older brother of Germany! Now he lives as a good-for-nothing at Germany’s house and as an exclave in Russia!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: Germany’s big brother with an ego the size of the world! He often meddled with his neighbors and Russia!
Translation: tarafishes

Vol 5 Bio: This guy always has that “Hey, look at me, I’m so great” look on his face! He work really hard but tries really hard not to show it! He does have a soft side!
Translation: wiccat

Vol 6 Bio: The awesome Prussia. Surprisingly he is the older brother of Mr. Serious Face, Germany. He is currently laying around in Germany’s house, doing absolutely nothing.
Translation: lost-hitsu

HWS Vol 2 Bio: Germany’s oldest brother (or so he thinks), and formerly a country of knights. He rose to the top by defeating major powers with brute force. He’s the type to take training and studying seriously without fail, but he’ll give off an attitude of “I totally didn’t work hard or anything!”
Translation: donamoeba, kurukurumaki