Hetalia World☆Stars

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Character ProfilesItaly, Germany, Agrippina, Anicetus, Burrus, Nero
Chapter 235: Let's Get Rid of the New Year's Mood Soon and do Our Best Together (2017/01/09)Russia
Belarus, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania
Chapter 236: A Winter that Brings Back Memories... (2017/01/13)Russia
Chapter 237: A Long-Awaited Visit... (2017/01/16)Latvia, Moldova, Russia
Chapter 238: His Ardent Wish Won't Reach... (2017/01/20)Latvia, Moldova, Russia
Chapter 239: Ms. Taiwan is Looking Melancholic Today, Too... (2017/01/23)America, Taiwan
Chapter 240: 'Tis the Season for Fluffiness (2017/01/27)Germany-cat, Italy-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 241: About Great Brit-nyan's Sleeping Place... (2017/01/30)England-cat, France-cat, Italy-cat
Chapter 242: Anything Goes! (2017/02/03)England-cat, France-cat, Italy-cat
Chapter 243: Japanese History Learned With Cats! (2017/02/06)Italy-cat, Japan-cat, Netherlands-cat
England-cat, France-cat
Chapter 244: Intensely Curious Americat (2017/02/10)America-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 245: The Demise of Nyational... National Isolation (2017/02/13)America-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 246: Taken Back Home~! (2017/02/17)America-cat, Japan-cat
America, Japan
Chapter 247: A Tail He Wants to Fluff-... (2017/02/20)Japan-cat, Russia-cat
Japan, America-cat
Chapter 248: Gather, O Kitties! (2017/02/24)America-cat, Japan-cat
Austria-cat, England-cat, France-cat, Italy-cat
Chapter 249: Endless Pawing... (2017/02/27)Japan-cat, Russia-cat
Chapter 250: Japaneko's Situation is... (2017/03/03)Japan, Japan-cat
Chapter 251: Stuffed With Chubbiness (2017/03/06)England-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 252: A Battle They Cannot Lose... (2017/03/10)England-cat, Japan-cat, Russia-cat
Chapter 253: Remyatch in a Dream! (2017/03/13)England-cat, Japan-cat, Russia-cat
Chapter 254: A Wa~rm Change of Tune...... (2017/03/17)America-cat, Italy-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 255: Japaneko's Encounters Continue... (2017/03/20)Germany-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 256: Those Eyes... I Have a Hunch He's Very Straightlaced... (2017/03/24)Germany-cat, Japan-cat
Chapter 257: After an Adventure Comes Warm Cuddles... (2017/03/27)Japan-cat, Japan
Chapter 258: Let's Take a Look! (2017/03/31)England, France, Italy
Chapter 259: The Pride of the Leader in Style (2017/04/03)France, Italy
Chapter 260: Gardening Fit For a King... (2017/04/07)England, France
Chapter 261: King of I-Want-To-Hug-This-Fluffball... (2017/04/10)China, Hungary, Italy
Chapter 262: Cuteness is Expensive... (2017/04/14)China
Chapter 263: Xiongmao Beyond Control... (2014/04/17)China, Russia
Chapter 264: Even America's Completely Smitten... (2017/04/21)America, China
Chapter 265: The True State of Bastardized Food... (2017/04/24)France, Germany
China, England
Chapter 266: Tacit Agreement... I Won't Let That Happen! (2017/04/28)America, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Monaco, Spain
Chapter 267: Nothing Good Will Come of This... (2017/05/01)America, Belgium, Canada, France
Chapter 268: Italy's No Exception... (2017/05/05)Australia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand
Chapter 269: The Messing With NZ Continues... (2017/05/08)Australia, New Zealand
Chapter 270: The Result is Extraordinary... (2017/05/12)America, Canada, France, Germany, Italy
Chapter 271: The Cuisine Problem, Concludes...? (2017/05/15)America, China, France, Russia, Switzerland
Chapter 272: Show Me What You've Got... (2017/05/19)America, Canada, Japan
Chapter 273: Attack of The Four-Thousand-Year-Old Monster! (2017/05/22)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 274: The Era When Even Monsters Can Be Shared... (2017/05/26)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 275: On the Road to Becoming a Monster Master... (2017/05/29)China, Hong Kong, Macau
Chapter 276: China Monster Series, Cont'd!! (2017/06/02)China, Hong Kong, Macau
Chapter 277: I'm in the Mood for Reading, You Asshole! (2017/06/05)Romano, Spain
Chapter 278: This is Just Like an Archetypal Shounen Manga... (2017/06/09)Romano
Chapter 279: A Sickness That Came Late... (2017/06/12)Romano, Spain
Chapter 280: It's Incorrigible...!? (2017/06/16)Romano, Spain
Chapter 281: Once it Dies Down, it is History You'd Rather Forget... (2017/06/19)Prussia, Romano, Spain
Chapter 282: Oh No...! I'm Reacting to it! (2017/06/23)Prussia, Romano, Spain
Chapter 283: It's Vague, But the Message Comes Through... (2017/06/26)Romano, Spain
Italy, Prussia
Chapter 284: The Paladin Sickness: If Everyone Catches it Together, There's Nothing to be Afraid of... (2017/06/30)Romano, Spain
Chapter 285: Tally-Ho to the Country of Illusions... (2017/07/03)America, England
Chapter 286: Scenery that Tickles Your Fancy... (2017/07/07)America, England
Chapter 287: Show Me, England's True Spirit... (2017/07/10)America, England
Chapter 288 (2017/07/14)America, England
Chapter 289: Like Kyoto in Autumn...? (2017/07/17)America, England
Chapter 290: This is a Journey in Which You Meet With History... (2017/07/21)America, England
Chapter 291: English Cuisine... (Know What I Mean?) (2017/07/24)America, England
China, India
Chapter 292: I'm Hooome! (2017/07/28)America
Chapter 293: He Can't Help But Show Off, Can He? (2017/07/31)France, Prussia
Netherlands, Romano, Spain
Chapter 294: He Can't Comprehend What He Can't Comprehend. (2017/08/04)France, Prussia
Chapter 295: One More Stalker! (2017/08/07)France, Prussia, Russia
Chapter 296: The Highest Compliment: While Charming a Bird... (2017/08/11)France, Prussia, Russia
Chapter 297: A Business Trip with the Fashion Gang Leader... (2017/08/14)France, Prussia, Russia
Chapter 298: He Has Awoken... (2017/08/18)Prussia, Russia
Chapter 299: It Totally Resembles Him Right Down to the Confidence... (2017/08/21)Prussia, Russia
Chapter 300: It's Picturesque, but the Sense of Distance is... (2017/08/25) France, Prussia, Russia
Chapter 301: As for Trends... It's Up to the Wearer? (2017/08/28)France, Russia
Chapter 302: I Like... the Old You! (2017/09/01)France, Prussia, Russia
Chapter 303: His Pride is in Shreds... (2017/09/04)Austria, France, Prussia
Chapter 304: Take Back Your Shining Self! (2017/09/08)Austria, France, Napoleon, Prussia
Chapter 305: Without a Trace of Rococo... (2017/09/11)France, Spain
Chapter 306: Those Eyes... Are Sincere! (2017/09/15)France, Spain
Chapter 307: The Start of a Trial... in Absentia!? (2017/09/18)Austria, Czech Republic, France, Prussia
England, Hungary
Chapter 308: Let's... Get Him? (2017/09/22)Austria, Hungary, Netherlands
Denmark, France, Italy, Prussia, Spain
Chapter 309: An Invitation to Beat the Living Daylights Out of Him... (2017/09/25)Austria, England, France, Russia, Prussia
Chapter 310: Those Intentions... Are Scarier Than His Face... (2017/09/29)Austria, France, Prussia
Chapter 311: Another Gloomy Day... (2017/10/02)France, Genoa
Chapter 312: The Land Where the Great Man's Story Began... (2017/10/06)France, Napoleon
Chapter 313: The Growth of a Hero is a Bit Complicated... (2017/10/09)Napoleon
America, England, France, Genoa
Chapter 314: A Triumphant Return to His Hometown (2017/10/13)Napoleon
France, Genoa
Chapter 315: The Country That Dropped Him and the One That Picked Him Up... (2017/10/16)France, Napoleon
Chapter 316: We Meet Again... But For How Many Hundreds of Years Now?! (2017/10/20)England, France
America, Russia, Austria
Chapter 317: Trouble at Home and Abroad Intensifies! (2017/10/23)England, France
Austria, Spain, Napoleon
Chapter 318: Controlling an Important Point Means... (2017/10/27)England
France, Napoleon
Chapter 319: They're Granting Rewards!! (2017/10/30)Napoleon
Chapter 320: Yesterday's White Turning Black... (2017/11/03)Napoleon
Chapter 321: Got Hitched to a NOB! (2017/11/06)France, Napoleon
Chapter 322: Turning Point!! (2017/11/19) Napoleon
Chapter 323: Winter is Coming... (2017/11/13)Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 324: Must Share the Cute...! (2017/11/17)Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 325: Germany's New Year Situation... (2017/11/20)Germany, Japan
Chapter 326: Everything in its Place... (2017/11/24)Japan
Chapter 327: Last Collaboration of the Year... (2017/11/27)Italy, Romano
Chapter 328: The Natural Enemy of the Cleaning Progress... (2017/12/01)Japan
Chapter 329: Sudden Rudeness... (2017/12/04)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 330: Gaaaaining Weeeeight~, Gaaaaining Weeeeight~♪ (2017/12/08)China, Hong Kong, Macau
Chapter 331: Their Choice of Advisor... (2017/12/11)America, China, Hong Kong, Macau
Chapter 332: The Future Fate of an Obese Powerhouse... (2017/12/15)China, Hong Kong, Macau
Chapter 333: The Nordic Countries' Year-End Stroll... (2017/12/18)Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 334: Such is the Role of Delivering Dreams... (2017/12/22)Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden
Chapter 335: There's a Reason That He's Working There... (2017/12/25)Estonia, Finland
Chapter 336: When it Doesn't Happen, I Feel a Little... (2017/12/29)Iceland, Norway
Chapter 337: Fated to be Surrounded at All Times... (2018/01/01)France, Spain
Chapter 338: How Much Can You Recall...? (2018/01/05)Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain
Chapter 339: Listen to My Memories and be Astounded. (2018/01/08)France, Prussia, Spain
Chapter 340: A Major Country Suddenly Joins in----!! (2018/01/12)France, Russia, Spain
Chapter 341 (2018/01/15)Bulgaria, Italy
Chapter 342 (2018/01/19)Italy, Turkey
Chapter 343: Now a Tour Around the Hot Springs! (2018/01/22)Hungary, Italy
Chapter 344: You Can't Leave Out Japan, of Course! (2018/01/26)Italy, Japan
Chapter 345: Catching Wind of Rumors...? (2018/01/29)Czech Republic, Italy
Chapter 346: An Unwelcome Guest... (2018/02/02)Bulgaria, Italy
Chapter 347: Drunken Memories He'd Prefer to Forget... (2018/02/05)Bulgaria, Italy
Chapter 348: I Want to be Praised... But... (2018/02/09)Bulgaria, Italy