Character CD 1: Italy – Mini Drama “We’re Brothers!”

  • Based on various strips
  • Rough Translation by: Nosuri
  • Gaia Online


N.Italy: Germany~, Germany~!

Germany: Italy! Did you come here driving on the wrong side of the highway?

N.Italy: No, I didn’t… Today, you know… Heey, niichan!

S.Italy: What is it, Veneziano? Running all of a sudden…

Germany: Eh… There’s two Italies…?

N.Italy: Look, look, Germany! He’s my elder brother, Romano! Isn’t he cool?

Germany: Hm. I’m Germany, nice to meet you.

S.Italy: Hn!

Germany: What is this… hostile atmosphere?

N.Italy: I’m the northern half, niichan is the southern half! That’s why he’s called Romano, and I Veneziano! Ah… we were controlled separately, so niichan spent a longer time with Spain-niichan!

Germany: Is that so? That’s why we never met before.

N.Italy: Right! Hey, niichan, say hello to Germany!

S.Italy: I’ll pump you full of lead, potato bastard!!

Germany: Po… potato… you say!?

N.Italy: Heyyy, niiiiichaann! You have to say hello properly! *squeeze squeeze*

S.Italy: Dah! Damnit… Stop! You bastard!

Germany: Haah. There’s more annoying people…


S.Italy: Why with that macho potato…

N.Italy: Why are you saying such things? Germany is a very good guy! I, sometimes sleep with him and Japan!

S.Italy: Whaaaat!? Are you still friends with that people!?

N.Italy: Niichan… it hurts…niichan… [problem: I know it in Japanese but not in English. How do you call when someone grinds his knuckles on someone else’s temples? It’s a common thing children do when they want to annoy someone, I think. Anyway, Veneziano is asking Romano to stop doing that.]

Germany: Hey, you two! If you do that…

N.Italy and S.Italy: ACK! Ow! Ow! Ow!

N.Italy: Ahh… our hair tangled!

Germany: Look, I told you so.

S.Italy: S-stupid! Don’t pull it! It’s not that it hurts… this… Damnit!

N.Italy: Germany, Germany, help! I can’t pull out niichan’s OUCH OUCH OUCH! It hurts… hurts… HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

S.Italy: Stupid! Don’t ask potato bastard for help!


Germany: Seriously… You two are… Look, I’ll untangle it for you, so stay put.

S.Italy: W-we don’t need… your h-helpOW! OW! OW!

N.Italy: Niichan, don’t move! Our hair is still tangled! It HURTS, IT HUUURTS!

Germany: Hey, I took it out.

N.Italy: Veh… Germany… Germany… thanks…

S.Italy: Damnit… This guy…

Germany: DON’T CRY, both of you! Some brothers, you are…

S.Italy: Even without your help, I had almost taken it out!

Germany: Hff. Yeah, yeah…

N.Italy: Don’t say such things to Germany, when he was so kind to help us, niichan!

S.Italy: SHUT UP! Hey, you, macho potato! You tricked my idiot brother!

Germany: Hmm? What are you talking about?

S.Italy: Don’t try that on me! It’s your fault my brother started eating wursts!

N.Italy: Yeah! Wursts are good!

S.Italy: Not only that! Stop sending hordes of people to my place during the summer! They’re SCARY! And I stepped on rabbit poo before, and it’s all your fault!

Germany: WAIT A MINUTE! Now is everything my fault?

S.Italy: SHUT UP! I’m gonna rip all your muscles off! SHUT UP, YOU BASTARD!

France: Weeeeeellll! Oniisan’s infiltration in German territory: success! It’s not a hobby of mine, but enduring to pass into the sewers was useful, after all.

N.Italy: Veeeeh, it’s France niichan!


Germany: Hey, HEY! Don’t come hiding behind my clothes!


Germany: HA! FRANCE! You… asked me 332 000 000 000 Marks as a payment!

France: YOU TOO! I had to pay you 5 000 000 000 Francs some time ago!

N.Italy: France-niichan, niichan!


Germany: …What did he come here for?

N.Italy: Niichan, France-niichan isn’t here anymore…

S.Italy: Is it true?


S.Italy: Hey, stupid brother! Don’t be friendly with this potato bastard!

Germany: What… he’s fast to change attitude. That’s Italy for you.

N.Italy: Veeh… Niichan, Germany is great! He helps me when I’m in a pinch, and he can tie his shoelaces! He’s really muscular and really macho! He comes to my place in summer, and pitches a tent in the park, he’s truly funny! So don’t be scared!

S.Italy: Veneziano… S-so… Can you praise me… like that?

N.Italy: EHH? Eh… Erhm… Ehm, ehm… Niichan’s …good qualities…Hmmm.


N.Italy: Where are you going? Niichan! Niichan!?

Germany: But France, what did he really came for?


N.Italy: Hey niichan… Where are we? I can’t figure out the letters on the signs, it’s all Arab to me… Veh…

S.Italy: Hmm, there’s a guy with outstanding eyebrows over there…

UK: Hey you two! What are you doing?


N.Italy: Niichan! Don’t run away leaving me here!

UK: Seriously, you brothers… What are you doing in my summer house?

N.Italy: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything so please don’t hit meeee!

Germany: Ah… So Italy was taken prisoner by England.

N.Italy: Waaah, your summer house is so big!

UK: I’m not going to do anything! Geez… running away as soon as he sees my face…

N.Italy: You… really won’t do anything?

UK: Look, I brought your brother too.

S.Italy: Ow, owowowow…

N.Italy: Oh? Niichan! You runned away far ahead of me, so why did he take you too?

S.Italy: Shut up! That’s you fault for not stopping me!

N.Italy: Veeeh… Why is it my fault…?

UK: Shut up both of you! Arguing in other people’s summer houses…

S.Italy: I apologize, England-sama. He was doing all the noise by himself.

N.Italy: “-SAMA”!?

S.Italy: I’m really sorry. So… The food you gave me earlier… please don’t give it to me anymore.

N.Italy: Ni…Niichaaan! You can’t bully my brother!

UK: Ah…? That was common fo…

N.Italy: Make pasta, or pizza!

S.Italy: …Stupid brother…

N.Italy: Niichan, if England lets us go, let’s go back home together! And let’s eat all the pasta we can!

S.Italy: Yeah.

N.Italy: Let’s use a lot of the tomatoes Spain-niichan gave us, too!

S.Italy: Ah… yeah.

N.Italy: Leave it to me! If I put some effort I can cook some delicious food!

S.Italy: Veneziano…

UK: You… enough! Go home!


N.Italy: Arrivederci, England!

S.Italy: Hey, you, bastard England! Don’t make me eat those things I don’t understand anymore! …DAMNIIIIT!

UK: M-my food was that bad…? Was it…?

France: *hums* Hm? Bonjour… Ah? England… It’s just you…

UK: France, I have something to ask you.

France: What is it?

UK: Ehm… can you lend me… one of your cooks?

France: Since they don’t like having to put up with one with such a bad taste, NO-I-CAN’T.