W Academy Story: Advancing Very Little! W Academy Newspaper Club – Track 07 “Epilogue”

Germany: Hmm, we should be able to write a very interesting article with all this strange information.

Japan: No matter what era it is, there are some mysteries that are better left unsolved, such as the one about the crystal skulls, or the Quimbaya golden jets, or the Cabrera Stones.

Germany: Out-of-place-artifacts, huh? Those’ve gotten pretty popular.

Japan: They certainly have. Probably because they Cabrera Stones were found to have been made by a modern-day person, the playful craftsman who made them drew things like cars and the like on them.

Germany: What a hopeless person.

Italy: Eh? So they predicted the invention of cars! Ancient people were amazing!

Germany: Ha ha. The world must be a fun place for a pure and innocent guy like you.

Italy: Eh? Ehhhhh?! You don’t think it’s fun, Germany?! But there are so many pretty girls on this earth! The fact that there are delicious things that I still haven’t tasted and pretty girls that I haven’t met yet makes me happy!

Japan: That certainly does sound fun.

Germany: Yeah, I’m jealous.

Italy: Ve, ve, ve, hmmhmmhmmmm~

Germany: Alright then, let’s compile all the data we collected into an article and submit it!

Italy: Yeah! I’m gonna work hard!

Japan: Yes, let’s do our best to produce a piece that’s fun and easy to read.

Narrator: Thus the newspaper club was able to finish collecting the data for their story. It seems that the W Academy will be able to successfully publish another issue of their paper again this month.

*Scene change sound effect*

France: Ehhhh?! There’s no opening in this month’s edition of the paper either?!

Canada: Yeah… It seems like that column was still empty just a little bit ago… But I guess it got filled.

France: Ehhhh?! When’re they gonna print my love poems?! Big Brother’s been writing and saving them up for months! They’re such wonderful masterpieces that reading just one sentence will make the reader want to marry me!

Canada: Wow… that sounds amazing!

France: I guess I have no other choice; Big Brother will just have to read them right here, right now! *In his “sexy voice”* Are you ready?

Narrator: And so France spent the next 134 minutes reading out his love poems. The end!