W Academy Story: Advancing Very Little! W Academy Newspaper Club – Track 03 “A Hero Among Heroes!”

Japan: The next question is for America-san. “I started wondering about it when I was watching The Aven*ers: who is America’s favorite American hero?” Personally, mine’s the Phantom.

Germany: The one who dresses all in purple spandex and rides a horse?

Italy: Is that a hero?

Japan: He’s incredibly weak. When he’s not riding his horse, sometimes he uses a taxi.

Italy: That makes me feel like even I could be a hero.

Germany: That’s enough chatter.

*knock knock*

America: Hey! Come on!

Germany: We’re coming in.

America: Hey you guys! What brings you here? If you’re here to observe the hero club, then come in and put your feet up!

Germany: So this is the hero clubroom, huh? Hmm. It seems needlessly loaded with technology.

America: Sorry for the clutter. I’m developing a body enhancing suit at the moment!

Japan: *excited* What was that?! That sounds fantastic!

America: I thought you’d say that, Japan! I’ve only finished the armor so far, but once I’m finished it’ll magnify the wearer’s natural strength 1,000 times!

*machine whirs*

Japan: That’s amazing! Please show it to me when it’s finished!

Germany: 1,000 times… that sounds like something you’d do.

America: It just has one drawback: when you install it, you have to put on purple spandex and ride a horse!

Japan: That seems like a bit much for me.

Germany: What an awful restriction.

Italy: Woooow, so can even I become a hero if I wear purple spandex?

America: Hmmm… that might be a little difficult…

Italy: [T/N: Not sure how to translate this noise so that it sounds natural, but it indicates unpleasant surprise and disappointment ^^;]

Germany: Hold on, we’re getting off track here. We, the newspaper club, came here to ask you a question, America. You wouldn’t mind giving us an answer, would you?

America: Ooh, that sounds cool! Go for it! Ask me anything!

Japan: Umm… the question was “what is America-san’s favorite American hero?”

America: Hmm… I’ll need to think hard about that question, but only for about two seconds.

Japan: That wasn’t a long enough hesitation to even consider and compare your options.

America: Well see, Superman is just one of the many cool heroes we have at my place. But if you wanna know my very favorite one…

Japan: Yes?

America: I guess it’s me!

Germany: We completely understand.

Japan: That was a very good answer. Thank you very much.