W Academy Story: Advancing Very Little! W Academy Newspaper Club – Track 02 “Boss’ Thing”

Narrator: It seems as though the newspaper club has decided to do an article composed of answers to questions sent in by readers this time. But will they be able to answer them all properly?

Japan: Now then, on to the next question. “I’m sorry for opening with a question, but there’s something about Boss Spain that I’ve always wondered about. There’s a part above Spain’s bangs that curls up, right? What is that? Please use your authority as members of the newspaper club to look into it.”

Italy: For us countries, even our curly hair has meaning, huh? We’re putting this question in the article because it’s kind of scary to think about, aren’t we?

Germany: It’s the same for Austria’s curl and Hungary’s hair clip. Just what kind of creatures are we?

Japan: You’re thinking about it too deeply, you two!

*Flamenco music with Romano dancing (?) in the background*

Spain: Eh? Somethin’ you wanna ask me, you say?

Germany: Yeah, that’s the issue at hand, but… are you alright? It looks like you’re getting kicked pretty hard from behind…

Spain: You think? It’s fine, right?

Germany: How can you say that with a smile when you’re being kicked like that?

Spain: Ha ha, it’s nothing serious!

Germany: If you say so…

Spain: Anyway, when it comes to pain, this isn’t that big a deal.

Romano: I’m scared, you jerk!

Italy: Don’t kick him like that, brother!

Romano: I was thinking about stopping, but now that you’ve told me to stop I’m gonna keep going, you asshole!

Germany: What a quarrelsome person.

Spain: He may look that way, but he’s actually pretty straightforward.

Romano: Shut up!

Japan: As we were saying, we have a question for you, Spain-san. The reader asks, “What’s that curl above your bangs?”

Spain: Oh, this? *boing*

Italy: Does it have some sort of meaning?

Spain: It’s that one thing. You know. It’s that thing from my place that’s so well-known! That’s the only explanation!

Germany: Which thing?

Spain: It’s gotta be Gaudí! Naturally this curvy style is the work my house’s prided architectural genius, Gaudí!

Italy: I see! …Huh?

Germany: Hmm?

Japan: What’s wrong?

Italy: Hmmmmmm…

Germany: Hmm…

Romano: You’ve had those curls ever since I was a kid, dammit.

Spain: Eh? Seriously?!

Romano: Like I said, those curl’s have been there since before Gaudí was ever born.

Spain: WHAAAAT?!! …What a shock… I didn’t know exactly when I got these curls, but I was pretty sure Gaudí had made them for me… So it wasn’t Gaudí after all… I thought my hair’d been smooth when I was a kid, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve been a bedheaded Boss ever since I was a kid, not a smooth-haired Boss…

Japan: It’s surprisingly hard to know details like that about yourself, isn’t it?

Italy: It’s alright, big brother Spain. Cheer up!

Romano: “Smooth-haired,” my ass! Keh! Shouldn’t you be glad that you were never that gross?

Spain: Really? You don’t mind that I was never a smooth-haired Boss?! You like me as a bedheaded Boss?!

Romano: What the hell is a “bedheaded Boss?!” I only said your weird perm-thing was better, you bastard!

Japan: “It’s bedhead.”

Germany: Bedhead, huh?

Italy: It’s bedhead!