W Academy Newspaper Club: Sports Festival Edition! – Track 7 “( ^ J ^)”

Japan: *typing* And so, the curtain fell on the W Academy Sports Festival. The participants from each nation all performed so well that no one really stood out as an MVP. Instead, the principal sent all the students who eagerly participated in the sports festival a small gold medal as a reward… There. That should about do it.

Italy: Uvehhh… I’m so sleepy… I prefer to sleep soundly during the night…

Germany: We’re almost done, so just keep at it.

Italy: How close is “almost done”?

Japan: All we have to do is choose a photo and attach it.

Italy: *grabs a photo* Hmm? Oh hey, this is the last picture from the centipede race. Eheheh~ Look how intense Germany’s face looks~

Germany: Of course it is. I was yanking you, making all that noise, along behind me so we’d have something to write our article about.

Japan: I kind of like your expression here, Italy-kun, where you’re crying behind him.

Italy: Huh? Is it a good one? *takes the photo to look and immediately slams it down* …Wait, this is terrible! I look way cooler than this! If any girls see this picture, they’ll get disillusioned with me!

Germany: Hahahaha! It may be good medicine for you! *picks up the photo* Let me see…

Italy: Vehhhhh?!

Japan: Also, personally, I’d like to include this picture of America-san during the 100-meter dash. *sets out the photo* Just look at the amazing amount of effort and spirit he put in just for the sports festival. He’s likely the only one who would.

Germany: Ngh… That may be, but… don’t forget my older brother, either.

Italy: Prussia was so hyped, but he didn’t really get much chance to show off, did he… Too bad, huh.

Germany: I’d recommend this one from the bread race, *sets out another photo* but I’m not sure about putting this in the newspaper…

Japan: True… there’s an awful lot of black fog behind Russia-san in the picture… Perhaps we’d better not.

Italy: I’m the one who took that picture. I hope nothing happens to me. *tremble tremble tremble* …I mean, I heard that photos contain the souls of the ones who took them too.

Japan: If you’re really that concerned about it, I could introduce you to an exorcist from my house.

Germany: So which photo do you think we should use, Italy?

Italy: Huh? Me? Well, let’s see… *flips photo onto the table* Maybe this one.

Japan: Ah, that’s a picture of the two of us during the scavenger hunt.

Germany: Hahaha! You two do have nice expressions in this one! You really get a sense that you two are close friends.

Italy: Right? Right?

Japan: Well, the reason that I “scavenged” Italy-kun was, erm… But, say, Germany-san.

Germany: Yeah?

Japan: In regards to what Italy-kun said earlier, the spirit of the photographer is also contained in the photo. In other words, it’s thanks to the fact that it was you who took this picture that our expressions look this way.

Italy: Yeah, for real! We were both totally relaxed. I don’t think I could relax this completely in front of anyone but you, Germany.

Germany: How could you relax in the middle of a competition?! But… it’s because I was the photographer… huh? In that case, that makes this picture even better.

Japan: Heheh. I agree.

Italy: Make a copy of this picture for me too, ok, Japan?

Japan: Yes, I’ll make one for each of us. We could even put them all together, blow them up and make them into posters.

Germany: That’s going a little overboard, don’t you think?

Narrator: And so, the sports festival came to a successful close. They also managed to finish the newspaper article in time somehow and made a wonderful school paper. Thanks to the fact that they added so many pictures, it was plastered all over the school website too. It seems that everyone was interested to see their own performances. The gold medals that everyone received are preserved safely at home. The whole student body is hoping that with the next sports festival 4 years from now that their number of medals will grow… Well, perhaps it’s a bit strange that every current student would be looking forward to a sports festival that won’t happen for four years… The end!!