W Academy Newspaper Club: Sports Festival Edition! – Track 3 “W廿_廿)”

Italy: Veh… 100 meter dash, huh? I don’t want to… Everyone looks like they can run really fast. I’ll probably get my butt kicked.

Spain: Don’t worry, Italito! I’ll get first place for you! I’ll show you the El Dorado they call victory!

America: Ahahaha! Uh, I don’t think so! Hate to break it to you, but the only person who’s gonna be number one here is me! Heheheh, I invented a special machine just for today, see.

Japan: You mean you developed something with your Hero Club?

America: Oho! I had a feeling this would catch your interest, Japan! Behold, my triumph! This is the dawning of a new hero!

Japan: *gulp* Sounds like this is going to be one intense race.

France: Well, I think I’ll be satisfied if I can just get second place. There’s a certain suaveness to be found in second place too, after all. I’ll arrive beautifully at the goal like the gentle breeze that races along the Côte d’Azur!

Japan: In that case, I’ll do my best to capture a dramatic moment on my camera that I can use for our article.

Germany: Yeah, we’re counting on you, Japan.

Japan: Just leave it to me. This camera that was developed in my house is capable of taking 100 rapid succession photos per second. I won’t miss a thing. Now then, just to be on the safe side, I’ll attach this 300 mm zoom lens. *extends and retracts the lens* No matter how far away my subject is, I can get a shot so close that their pores will be visible.

Germany: It looks more like a bazooka than a camera… But no one can top Japan’s technology. I can’t wait to see the results!

Japan: Alright, they’re about to get started!

Announcer: On you marks… Get set…! *gunshot*

Spain: You watching, Romano?! I’m in first and ahead by a ton!

France: Running is getting my hair all messed up!

Italy: Ve ve ve Vehhh~ I’m tired already! I don’t wanna run anymore!

Spain: Aw c’mon, you guys can’t even keep up at all! Where’s the fun in that? Well, I guess this means that no one can hope to keep pace with someone like me who’s trained on Latin rhythm! *hears the whine of an engine*

America: *zooms past* Hahahaha! I passed you! How do you like them apples, Spain?!

Spain: *picks up his pace* Hey wait a second! What’s up with those high-powered shoes?! They’ve got a freaking engine on them!

America: These are the rocket shoes I recently developed with my Hero Club! Pretty awesome, huh?!

Spain: Using something like that is against the rules!

America: Well, a little rule breaking is acceptable in sports, after all!

Spain: I’ve never heard any rule like that! Look, they’re putting off a heat haze! There’s nothing “little” about that!

Japan: *snapping photos* Amazing! That technology is like something straight out of a manga, or a dream!

Germany: This is no time to be impressed!

Japan: Why not? It’s so impressive, I can’t possibly bring myself to think anything bad about them!

Germany: Um, more importantly… they’re kind of on fire.

Japan: What?

America: *rocket shoes start to malfunction* Huh? W-whaaaaaa! Whoaaaa! Whaaa!

Italy: Veh~ Why is the finish line so far away?

France: Argh what the heck! Those two up in front are just way too fast!

America: Whaaaaaa! *being shot backwards down the track*

France: Whoaaaaa!! Don’t come over here!

Italy: Vehhhhh?!

France: What’re those, diesel engines?! Look at all this crazy smoke!

America: Hey! Listen to my orders, Rocket Shoes!

Italy: *dashes away* NOOOOO!! I’M SCAREDDDD!!

America: Dammit, I can’t control them! *the shoes reverse again*

Spain: Crap, here he comes again! Get away from me! Look, a red cloth! It’s a muleta!

America: Where the heck were you keeping that?! Wait, more importantly, I’m not a bull! And hey, isn’t that used to stick them with?!

Spain: Oh, maybe.

America: Anyway, just get out of my way, would you?!

Spain: Wahhh! I can’t!

*both scream as they collide*

France: Jeez, they got themselves in a heck of a mess, didn’t they? …Anyway, I’m at the goalllll! Well how do you like that? I got second place without even mussing my hair! I’m every bit as amazing as I thought~!

Italy: Whoo hoo! I somehow managed to get first place! Maybe I’m actually pretty good at track and field after all!

Japan: First place- Italy-kun, second place- France-san, and America-kun and Spain-san are disqualified, huh?

Italy: Hey, hey! Do I get to be on the front page? Did you get a good picture of me? After all, I got first place!

France: Oh, is this going in the newspaper? Make sure you get all the details about my win, then, ok?

Japan: Hmm… it’s true that you two had the better scores, but the two that got disqualified made better, flashier subjects for my photos.

Germany: It might be a bit tough to write an article about this match…

Japan: Hmm? I think it’s a great idea!

Germany: Be honest, Japan: you just want to write about those rocket shoes, don’t you?

Japan: Eh? Whatever do you mean, Germany-san?

America: Uuu… my brand-new rocket shoes…

Spain: Just when I was lookin’ cool for Romano… this is all your fault, America!

Japan: Now, now. Please don’t fight, you two. The race is already over.

Italy: Hey, hey, which event is next? Are there gonna be any cute girls in it?

Germany: Next is the bread race. I’ll be competing, so Italy and Japan, it’ll be up to you to collect material on it for our article.

Japan: Yes, of course.

Italy: Mmhmm, leave it to us!