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Human Name: Antonio Hernández Carriedo – Age: 25
[Official Name] Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain)
[Capital] Madrid
[Official Language] Spanish
[Birthday] February 12
[National Flower] Carnation

1st Web/Vol 1 Bio: A kingdom in southern Europe raised by the sun, bountiful nature, and the warm climate. Used to be a super power nation that traveled around the world with its merchant ships–but was then tormented by England, beat up upon by a much younger America, and engulfed in poverty and war ever since he was stripped of his status as a super nation. But, he seemed to have tide himself through those hardships with Espanola Optimism. His personality is bright, loves people, and has a country-bumpkin-like atmosphere everywhere. His dishes are TOMATOES TOMATOES TOMATOES! And sweets that aren’t really that sweet.
Translation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: Formally the country of passion where the sun never set. He has a cheerful and passionate personality, with a big heart and can be a bit (significantly) thickheaded. It’s a bit easy to run circles around him. He can be pretty random sometimes, but if he were to describe himself he would say he’s recklessly burning with passion through and through. He’s strangely affectionate to Romano.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: A passionate, cheerful, and excessively “my pace” older brother! When he drinks wine, he becomes sentimental, and if he gets drunk, you better put some distance between you and him! He won’t be angry afterwards!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: [Untranslated.]

Vol 5 Bio: He’s the passionate guy with a bit of a mysterious and unique aura of light and darkness. He does what he wants, when he wants, the way he wants!
Translation: wiccat

HWS Chapter 73 Bio: A country of passion in the south who is lively, cheerful, and loves festivals! When he gets fired up to do something instead of just lazing around, the difference is remarkable! He likes festivals that are showy and a bit thrilling! But even if they are not showy, he just lives festivals anyway!
Translation: donamoeba, kurukurumaki

HWS Vol 4 Bio: [Untranslated]