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[Official Name] Repiblik Sesel (Republic of Seychelles)
[Capital] Victoria
[Official Language] Seychellois Creole
[Birthday] June 29

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A beautiful island floating in the Indian Ocean that is often called “The Last Paradise”. She’s a southern country girl with the characteristics of light brown skin, black hair and red ribbons, and a personality of a maybe-too-big heart and a little bit of sloppiness. She’s achieved 0% self sufficiency with food, and often laments over her high cost of living, but she’s visited by France and England a lot so she’s still living pretty carefree. She speaks a mysterious language that has French, English and various other languages mixed in together.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 4 Bio: [Untranslated.]

Vol 6 Bio: A music-loving young girl surrounded by bright flowers. Her country is surrounded by the beautiful ocean with swordfish guarding her borders. She leads a busy life consisting of singing, catching fish, sleeping, and the occasional prank call to England.
Translation: lost-hitsu

HWS Chapter 215 Bio: The smallest country in Africa, called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Her main industries are fishing and tourism. She has grown up so noticeably and became so good at business that she was categorized as a high-income nation in 2015. Because her fresh fish is canned and sold to Europe and the leftover is also used to treat tourists in her house, Miss Seychelles herself eats pickled, dried fish that can be stored for long periods. Her style is to put salted dried fish and spices into any kind of cuisine. She likes inviting guests, but she’s a homebody who doesn’t like going places much. There are also rumors that it’s because when she’s away from home, she can’t get the kind of pickled fish she likes and gets all, “Ahhh~ there isn’t enough salty fish…! I wanna eat pickled fish…!”
Translation: y4nderenka, donamoeba