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Human Name: Ivan Braginsky – Age: unknown – Height: 182 cm
[Official Name] Российская Федерация (Russian Federation)
[Capital] Moscow
[Official Language] Russian
[Birthday] December 30
[National Flower] Sunflower

1st Web/Vol 1 Bio: A gigantic northern nation that has been tormented ever since childhood. Either way, whatever he does, there is vodka involved. His fuel is vodka. Whenever he wants to invade the south to obtain it, England is always there to get in his way, so truthfully, he wants to punch England. Because he is attacked by General Winter pretty much every year, he hates the snow. Yet, whenever there is a war, General Winter becomes his best ally. At the first impression, he seems to be a pure-hearted country bumpkin, and yet, conversely speaking, he holds a child-like cruelty. Compared to other nations, Russia’s history has seen more bloodbaths and tragedies.
Translation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A varied and huge northern country. He loves Vodka. He has the simplicity of a country bumpkin and the cruelty of a child mixed together. A young man that, even without saying anything gives off an intimidating air. He pulls out water pipes and puts stuff that you shouldn’t normally put in there inside them, like rice balls, which he then eats like its ordinary. A long time ago, under the warmth of the sunlight, he spent his time surrounded by sunflowers. When will be the day that he realizes how he yearns for this lifestyle…?
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: A biiig, gentle, and naive nation! He isn’t malicious, just extremely scary! With people other than his friends, he becomes shy and unsociable! That’s right! He thinks all of you are friends!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: Variously large! General winter always accompanies him! He’s frighteningly innocent! He’s devoted himself to how to be able to make friends!
Translation: tarafishes

Vol 5 Bio: This huge nothern country is giving off a sense of oppression with his looks and his air of innocent scariness! Many of his things are really big! He forgives easily and is always looking for friends!
Translation: lost-hitsu

Vol 6 Bio: He may be a simpleton, but there is a scary aura around this snow-born young man. He’s a bit lonely, so we should all be friends with him!
Translation: lost-hitsu

HWS Chapter 49 Bio: A northern country with a simple and honest personality and just slightly scary. He has been hardened by General Winter so he can withstand more than any other country! He loves his vodka of course, but his favourite things are still warm places. He also believes quite a lot in legends and traditions. Knock on wood!
Translation: losthitsu, donamoeba

HWS Vol 4 Bio: [untranslated]