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Vol 4 Bio: Is it a troll behind his back or am I seeing things? A young man with a mysterious aura. His hobby is poking at Denmark in a strange way.
Translation: const-victoria

Vol 5 Bio: He’s a pretty quiet and other-worldly guy. He always gets into a fight with his brother Iceland over mackerels! This guy is mysterious with legends of spirits and fairies.
Translation: wiccat

Vol 6 Bio: He speaks very little and appears like he’s not concerned about the world’s problems. He fights over fish with his little brother Iceland. A strange fairytale country that can see fairies and ghosts.
Translation: lost-hitsu

HWS Chapter 106 Bio: A Nordic country with a mysterious air. He sometimes talks to mysterious things! He’s Iceland’s big brother! Because Denmark also acts like he’s Iceland’s older brother, he pokes Denmark every time he does that! But even when he’s not, Norway still pokes him incessantly with words or his feet anyway, and when Denmark doesn’t notice at all and call him his best friend, it perturbs him a little, but he’s used to it. He makes a competent partner.
Translation: y4nderenka, donamoeba