Nonlinear – The Anglo-Japanese Alliance Between Two Lonely People

Original (2007/01/21 ~ 2007/02/26) | LJ Post
Scanlation: konbini, lost_hitsu

■British-Japanese Alliance■
England at this time was being a tsundere,
then realized that he didn’t have any friends.
This is called splendid isolation. (laugh)
For a short time, while England boasted of its splendor,
America, sharing in their youth with Germany,
has almost reached that status as well.

Also, having thought of wanting to drive out Russia,
who was approaching China, it was utterly impossible for him alone.

1902 was the year England made a friend.

■England tries to be friends with Germany■

At first, England suggested that he and Germany should be friends,
but being friends with England meant siding against Russia,
which was troublesome, so he was rejected by Germany.
■In front of Japan’s house■

Just when England was looking for a friend,
Japan was looking for nation to become friends with at the same time as well.

For Japan, there was a wall of tension between him and Russia.
Just when Japan thought,
“There isn’t a small eastern island nation like
England that will be friends with me, is there…”
It seemed that, for Japan and England, it was good fortune.

However, there were Japanese who didn’t think
too well of having good relations with England…
■That night■

■It has been formed… the British-Japanese alliance■

With the help of a visit from Russia’s boss, he thought in a hurry,
“Oh no… If he joins forces with Russia, I’ll soon be at a disadvantage…”
He swiftly worked on making an alliance with Japan.

England doing this was pretty unusual and due to Japan’s considerably
lucrative imports, during the time when Japan fought with Russia’s allies,
he seemed to have exceedingly great power. (*´∀`*
■We formed an alliance■

Typical England. He never forgives his enemies. (laugh)

By not handling the Russo-French negotiations well,
England completely got in France’s way and Russia
fought with the Triple Alliance: Italy, Germany, Austria.
England controlled France’s exports to Russia and blocked its ports well.
Information regarding Russia’s handicaps leaked out and
Japan was put at an advantage in war, among other things.
However, it seems that various things have been taken away.

He’s amazing, that pirate gentleman.
■A little after the British-Japanese alliance■