Nonlinear – Something Like Scribbles on the Desk Exposed

Original (2007/01/19)
Scanlation: lost_hitsu

Unearthing sketches from my desk.


Don’t mind how small the censored part is.(´ー`*)

■Female Axis Powers■

From left Germany, Italy, Japan


I drew her a bit cute.(´ー`*)


I get this regular urge to draw goth lolis.
Sketches from the time when I started to draw Hetalia.

Korea looks like my Korean friend Moro. (haha)
Also China’s hair and face stayed the same but his personality is pretty different.(´ー`*)
China’s character took me the longest to figure out among the Allies.

Sketches from the scene where Japan gets a ride from Italy. Under that is Rome returning from heaven to scold his clumsy grandson. Then he teaches him how to make a delicious pizza and gives a report about it to Germany… That was a strange one.

First attempts at Japan. Waaah
Japan used to be much more of a military man, very serious and entirely inflexible. I planned to make him into a young man that barely speaks and nobody really knows what he is thinking, but as I explored his personality further he became a pretty natural albeit still serious character. Had Japan stayed the same as I had originally planned, he would probably decapitate America during the time when the isolation ended.

These sketches were a comic about Italy recommending wine to Japan, where Germany thinks Japan is still underage and tries to stop him. “But I am the oldest one here”, he declares.
Italy laughs and Japan is about to cut him in half, that’s the story. The Japanese simply look too young wherever they go.