Nonlinear – Reduce Your Opponent’s Willpower American-Style

Original (2006/08/26) | LJ Post
Scanlation: hwoosh, kazeyumi

■ Step on Japan’s Will ■

This is America’s Red Fuji Legend (・∀・)
Their will to actually push through with it was American Quality.

[T/N1: Okay so apparently it’s a super-secret op the US had back then
but had abandoned when they realized the ridiculously huge amount of paint they’d need to push thru with it.]

[T/N2: “To read the atmosphere” or 空気を読む means to assess the situation or other’s feelings.
A person said to can’t read the atmosphere (空気読めない, “kuuki yomenai”, or “KY” in japanese slang)
is someone who says things improperly or acts out of context.

■ Step on Russia’s Will ■

During the Cold War, America gave out XL-sized condoms to Russia
so that the citizens would lose their confidence.
I love the legend of Russia’s returned goods being too small.

[T/N3: …They gave out “XL” sized ones with the premise that Russia’d think their
wankers were inferior to America’s… Totally backfired though~ HAHA lolwhut?
T/N4: legend = story. mehh.]

By the way, for America, as long as it’s “FOR JUSTICE”, he’ll do ANYTHING!!