Nonlinear – Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Part 2

Original (2007/01/18) | LJ Post
Scanlation: youkofujima, konkira, lost_hitsu

■Lithuania’s Out Sourcing■



[T/N: Poland is talking about the grain they’re gonna export.]

The Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth was a huge
European nation during the 14-16th centuries.
They were able to gain a lot of territory
by harvesting and exporting grains.

But afterwards, the money they got from the exports were all
accumulated by the nobility and then caused the Commonwealth
to weaken in the wars with Ukraine and Sweden.

And then as the nobility fought over the idea of “I’M THE NEXT KING,”
Prussia, Russia, and Austria saw a chance to start attacking them.

At this time, Kosciuszko of the Lithuanians began to enact new laws
to begin armament of the nation in order to protect Poland
from the three other large nations. But in the end,
it failed and the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth was cut apart like a cake.

Even now, Kosciuszko is a hero of Poland.

On that note, it seems that Austria joined Russia and
Prussia on the partitioning with some reluctance.
(Austria’s boss, Maria Theresa, didn’t seem to be all that gung-ho about it)

“I would like to see the personifications as girls in their military clothes!”

■Something that surprised me■

■The introduction to the country that is always close to giving attack orders■

Switzerland, living his isolated lifestyle ever since he was born. During wars, money is welcome but people absolutely not – he quickly made this into a law, and he has a long history of refusing foreigners. He appears very peaceful but he spends incredible amounts of money on military equipment every year.

He is very serious about his work and Swiss soldiers mercenaries sometimes come up in the strangest stories. The most famous one is probably the story where the Italian army was fleeing from the battlefield but the Swiss mercenaries fought until the bitter end.