Nonlinear – Let’s Go Take a Look at Estonia

Original (2006/11/04) | LJ Post
Scanlation: konbini

■Let’s go take a look at Estonia■

■Estonia’s biography■

13th century: Teutonic Knights and Denmark beat the hell out of me
After that, they taught me the teachings of Christ against my will.
I lived with Poland at the time, as Sweden forced me to live as his underling.

1560~1711: Sweden, Finland and the Swedish/Baltic countries lived together under one roof.
But I was an underling.

1700-21: Everyone gets beaten up in the Great Northern War between the Russian Empire, Denmark and Norway.

1712: Then I noticed that I was in Russia’s house.
That was the beginning of a long hardship…

Afterward, I was taught many things in order to be converted into Russia.

1918: Independence from Russia.

1940: For some reason, I’ve become Russian territory again…
I don’t want to see Cyrillic characters for a long time…