Nonlinear – Korea Jokes

Original (2007/03/13) | LJ Post
Scanlation: rouge-roseo321

■Give me back my chickens■

Joseon Tongsinsa Chicken Stealing Merchant

[T/N: Um, apparently, this is based on a picture of some Korean merchants
taking chickens from Japan. But when some Koreans found this picture later,
they couldn’t read the kanji and thought that the Japanese were bullying them.
I have no idea if this real or not.]

■Korean-style massage■

For some reason, Korean masseurs are either ladies in sports wear or men with only pants on.

[TN: Some time ago, a Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun,
had an interview on the war between America and the Middle East.
There was one question that asked, “What would you do if they shot a missile at us?”
to which he replied, “If it was just once, it might have been an accidental shooting.”
And that became a small meme in Japan.]