Nonlinear – It’s My First Appearance and All I Get Are Some Scribbles!

Original (2006/12/26) | LJ Post
Scanlation: rouge-roseo321

■We’re going to connect each other■

They almost actually did it.
■I can only remember Hwasango had a rolling turn-about■

I didn’t know that that person from “Stairway to Heaven” was in “Hwasango.”
This is a how a fighting manga should feel turned into a live action movie.

[T/N: 1. Hwasango or Volcano High is the Korean live-action version of
the Japanese manga “Tenjho Tenge.” Also, “that person” is Kwon Sang-woo.
2. “Uri Nara Mansae” = Our land, forever! …or something like that!)]

■Even then, he claims to have started it■


The path becomes horizontal and these two were severely wounded.
■I question why everyone has one■


[T/N: “Yoboseyo” = “Hello” when on the phone.”]