Nonlinear – Italy and Japan

Original (2006/09/23) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog

■Hetalia Chapter 1 – The first meeting with Japan-kun■

Japan and Italy after they had just met.
That’s the reason’s Japan polite speech is a little awkward.

You would think Japan and Italy wouldn’t have interacted that much during the war,
but actually it seems there was a great deal of cultural exchange of art and literature
occurring between both countries, regardless of the battles going on.

Afterwards Japan-kun was sent a lot of Italian books from Italy and his boss.
Incidentally, some of these books survived the fires and still exist today!

■Cultural Exchange■

Apparently there are a large number of foreigners who completely
loose their self-confidence after looking at Japanese erotic Ukiyoe art. (´ー`*)

■A Rejected Austria■

Glasses! Glasses!