Nonlinear – Italy and Germany’s Dirty Jokes

Original (2006/09/29) | LJ Post
Scanlation: evercool, shaorankun, jammerlea, lost-hitsu

■Contrary to the Italian image■

In the ranking of HOUKEI(phimosis)
he wins the second seat after all. (´ー`*)

[T/N: Some men have an inferiority about it, very similar to being uncircumcised.
It’s where the foreskin cannot be retracted.;;;]

By the way–the ranking.

Found here. For extra ranking. Concerning the (penis) news, Italy might
be defeated by Asia. Because of our fighting spirit! (*´д`*) *pant pant*

This data is rather contrary to the so likable image
of Italians from women; it’s rather interesting, no?

Poland’s military uniform look.

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