Nonlinear – Germany VS Italy

Original (2006/08/19) | [LJ Post Removed]
Scanlation: unknown, tarafishes, desuraven, jammerlea

■Today’s scribbles■

■Greeting a German■

A thick wall of 8cm.

Translator’s note: young German men don’t, in fact, give good morning Kusschen to each other,
not that I’m criticizing this strip ^_^

Speaking of, you greet people with kisses even in Germany.
Recently, I recieved a German-style kiss from a German woman.
(He’s said to kiss the right and left cheek one time each.)
It’s also common for the elderly to shake hands in Germany.
Yeeeaaah I’m still a know-nothing about foreign culture.

If you compare Germans and Italians,
Germans seem to be more formal don’t they?
Italians are like I want to huuuuuuug I want to kiiiiiiiiiss!
And come up to you clinging (*´∀`*)

By the way, Italians kiss the left and right cheek.
The French kiss for a long 4~5 times.
■Normal academy things■

“It’s okay! For a time like this, I write body cue cards!”
“Hey, could you come to the staff room?”
■Abnormal academy things■