Nonlinear – General Winter

Original (2006/09/08) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog

■Russia and General Winter■

I wanted to draw General Winter after seeing Naka-san’s popular Japan-chan site.
Russia has been saved by General Winter many times in the past, hasn’t he?
But unfortunately he also ends up being attacked by him every year. (LOL)

■They don’t get along, but they have fought together many a time.■

■Yeah, it stands out■

If you can read my writing, you have too much time on your hands.
“War movies around the world”

Japanese War Movies
Wistfully express the tragedy of war.

Chinese War Movies
Nothing but people being picked on horribly.

English War Movies
You feel like it’s just showing a timeline of events on film

French War Movies
Nothing but scenes in gorgeous settings with dialogue
like poetry and lovely background music.
However, the presentation is so surreal I can’t understand it.

American War Movies
They are fighting the Russians when suddenly aliens attack,
so then they band together with the Russians to exterminate the aliens.

Italian War Movies
Go to Germany, do it with a German girl.
Go to fight in Greece, do it with a Greek girl.
Go to fight in Russia, do it with a Russian girl.