Nonlinear – France VS Italy

Original (2006/08/21) |LJ Post
Scanlation: hwoosh, kazeyumi

Paris’ art galleries are full of paintings and artifacts from Italy. (*´∀`*)
No doubt, Italy is known for their great artists.

[T/N: Actually, it directly mentioned the Louvre, but thinking about the galleries in France, it could be applied to all, right? ( ≧Д≦ )
T/N2: 2nd panel: Italy must have supposedly been trying to say “Mona Lisa”~]

Hawawa! Master, the enemies are here!
During the middle ages, Italy was basically useless.
Because of that, foreign countries were pushing their political powers unto them.
During wars, Italy was used as a shield.
Hmm… something like Egypt’s kitten-shields.

It’s like Big Brother France is becoming more and more villainous.
Although, Chibitalia was trying to regain his honor during the latter part of the war. (´∀`*) heh heh