Nonlinear – France and the Olympia Romance

Original (2007/02/28) | LJ Post
Scanlation: lost_hitsu, jammerlea

■Big Brother France and an ancient romance■


And so at France’s suggestion, the Olympics became
a competition through which the hearts of young men
from every country would be bound together forever.

Gradually other countries started to support the idea.
Finally, on 6 of April 1896, the first modern Olympic
games were held in their place of origin, Athens.

Back then there were only 13 countries competing.
France, America, Britain, Germany, Austria,
Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, etc.
■England and a bitter ancient romance■


Ancient Olympics were played completely in nude.
The reasons were both because you can’t cheat
in nude (indeed you can not) and because the
ancient Greeks worshipped the naked male body.

This is maybe why all male statues and paintings
and gods are always missing clothes.
Whether Heracles or Zeus, they are all stark naked.
Those who ordered to have naked statues of themselves
built on their graves to be exposed forevermore probably
expected a bit more hellish days in their image of heaven.
(But don’t think the ancient Greeks didn’t know shame,
you could still be arrested for nudity outside of the Olympics).

And here an interesting story from the ancient Olympics.
Everybody knows about the naked competing,
but I bet not many of you have heard about
the Roman emperor Nero’s participation in the games.

The emperor won in seven categories but almost in all used
his influence and power, particularly in the singing category
where he apparently gave a performance in a truly awful voice.
And after his death, the singing category was removed
from the games as the blackest part of its history.