Nonlinear – Dream United Kingdom

Original (2007/03/08) | LJ Post
Scanlation: chibilin

■England, there’s something I need to tell you…■



It’s a truth that sounds like a lie. But it seems that at one time,
France actually examined the possibility of entering a union
with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
[France and England shall become a United Kingdom!] → No
[Then, how about France joining the British Commonwealth…?] → No
Though seemingly wonderful, this incident eventually disappeared in the depths of history.
Recently, some documents of the proposal have been discovered and made headlines.

These two countries merging into one nation, it’s quite impossible no matter how you think of it.

[T/N: The Aftermath of the Marriage Proposal
So I did some research about this incident and apparently,
a year later after the proposal, France went and signed the Treaty of Paris,
laying the foundation of the future European Union
(known as the European Communities then)
with France and Germany as the central players.
Consequently, when England wanted to join the European Union
seven years later, France vetoed him out – twice!

Talk about holding a grudge! XD

And btw, England did propose a union to France in 1940 but it kinda end in tears
cause France went over to Germany,
subsequently ending all talks of a possible union with England.
(There were a few other attempts of a Franco-British Union throughout history though)

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