Nonlinear – Chinese-style Mini Revolution and Let’s Assist the French Economy!

Original (2006/11/10) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog, jammerlea

■Chinese-Style Mini Revolution■

■Let’s Assist the French Economy!■

This is the second pre-recovery Italy strip.

Although Italy roused himself in order to unify his divided house,
he understood that he was still much to powerless to become independent by himself,
so he asked France to help him out.

France owed Italy for saving him during the Crimean War,
so he decided to repay him by helping him gain independence.
However, France demanded a (really big) chunk of Italian Territory as collateral.
Yup, France, as usual, isn’t gonna help out for free. (´ー`*)

After that, Pre-recovery Italy disappeared for a moment,
thanks to Germany.

It was like this.
■Chapter 6 – Friend Invasion■

Lithuania for the cover of Chapter 6.