Nonlinear – Chapter 5 Bonus

Original (2006/11/17) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog

■Hetare 5 Bonus Strip■

A lot of you have probably heard this one before, but I love this joke.(*´∀`*)

The scene is the front, where the German Army and the Italian Army are facing off
against each other. Both sides have barricaded themselves inside their trenches,
and as neither one is able to do any damage to the another, they have arrived at a stalemate.
However, in order to get the Italians to poke their heads out of the trenches so
they can shoot at them, the Germans came up with the scheme of calling a common Italian name.

German Soldier: Marco! Is Marco over there?
Italian Soldier: I’m right here!
And as soon as he pops his head out of the hole a sniper gets him.

After taking severe casualties from this trick, the Italian troops finally learned
from their mistakes and tried the same thing on the Germans.

Italian Soldier: Hey! Adolf! Is Adolf there?
German Soldier: Hey, who just called my name?
Italian Soldier: It was me!
And he jumps up and gets shot.

Italians are so cute!(*´∀`*)

I hadn’t thought about Czechoslovakia |д゚)

Students! Students!(*´∀`*) China has a panda in his basket.