Nonlinear – Boss Spain’s Control of Southern Italy

Original (2006/11/25) | LJ Post
Scanlation: nisecal, a-liger

■Boss Spain■

■Boss and Henchman, Do Your Best■

■Teaching Boss Spanish to Southern Italy■

When southern Italy was under control of Spain,
Spanish culture was all over the place.
On an island called Sardinia,
even to this day they still use Spanish (*´∀`*)

The person who appeared in the comic is the famous Mad Queen Joanna.
It was just at the last second (lol)
She had an extreme mental illness, and it was said
that she would sometimes do things repeatedly in confusion.
In that time period and environment, the pressure of her
position made her a very sad and made-fun of Queen.
There was also a movie made about her the love in her
life so make sure to watch it. (The scenery is beautiful!)

■Boss is Going Mad■

■Boss Reflects Upon Himself■