Nonlinear – Boss Spain’s Control of Southern Italy Part 2

Original (2007/01/27 ~ 2007/02/07) | LJ Post
Scanlation: nisecal, a-liger

■Boss Spain’s Tomato■

Tomatoes are a food that Spain imported from
the Americas and spread across Europe.
Due to Spanish influence, there are a lot
of tomatoes in southern Italian food.

Incidentally, tomatoes were at first thought of as plants used for appearance.
During the 19th century, France finally recognized them as food.

In southern Italy, there are lots of delicious things
like chocolate-covered cherry tomatoes.


■Boss Spain and the Henchman’s Visit Home■

France still hadn’t given up.
Actually, France and Spain fought about South Italy 4 times.

Because of France, an unthinkable thing (country) came along…

■Big Brother Spain and His Henchman’s Depression■

The Differences Between North and South Italy

The personalities of North and South Italy are quite different.
Compared to Northern Italy, who received much of Grandpa Rome’s grace
and had a very showy, gay Renaissance, Southern Italy has long since been
interested in only sightseeing and agriculture and after
1000 years seems to have not changed much.

Because of that, even now in Europe it’s recognized that Southern Italy
“is an area filled with people that are poor and eat only pasta and tomatoes,
but are somehow still cheerful”. Southern Italy (´ー`*)

North has a gentle and carefree personality, and is a bit conservative.
Maybe the reason he visits South is because of the comfortable feeling of,
“Well, as long as can I live through today, that’s fine.”

■Boss and the BIG Boss■



After that, for some reason Spain started getting a lot
of injuries and coming home all worn and beaten.

■Boss and Henchman■

In order to defend Italy, Spain ended up having to
repeatedly sell most of his continent’s silver and assets.