Nonlinear – Black Ships Have Come~

Original (2006/11/30) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog

■The Black Ships Prepare to Sail■

Around that time America made candles and oil out of whales, as well as the
frames that filled out women’s skirts, so whaling was a very important
industry. They over-hunted them, however, and the number of whales in the
vicinity of North America dropped, causing America to be in quite a bind.

And that’s when they singled out Japan.
They would get Japan to open up to the world, and get whaling permission
for its waters. Perry came to Japan to get them to create a harbor where the
ships could replenish their fuel supply. When I think that Japan opened up
just because of whales, I feel a bit sorry for him.
■The Black Ships are Here■

And just like that, in May the 15th year of the Tempou era (1844)
a recommendation to open up the country arrived via the Dutch.

And then, In January of the 7th year of the Kaei Era (1854).

■The Black Ships Thought Ahead■

True Story.
■The Black Ships Introduce Themselves■

Pointless Trivia:
The name one of the black ship was the Susquehanna.
America arbitrarily christened Tokyo Bay “Mississippi Bay”
■The Black Ships Drink Tea■

Actually, in the Imperial Court there were daily prayers sessions begging “God Save Us!”
■The Black Ships Make Demands■

America suddenly showed up, and suddenly started
thrusting all these huge demands at Japan.

For example: Open up the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate
to supply materials (such as fuel and water) to Americans.
Rescue and hand over any castaway sailors, and create an American settlement in Shimoda.
Make a unilateral contract to treat America as a favored nation, etc.
and don’t build any samurai residences near the settlement, okay? And so on.
Japan just had to tearfully accept these demands…
■Then the Black Ships Go Home to America■