Nonlinear – Big Brother France and the Information Manipulation Activities!

Original (2006/09/16) | LJ Post
Scanlation: gomidog

France and England are good at spreading false information. (´ー`*)

Speaking of which, France kept insistently ragging on Germany, but…

Although made fun of Italy for being dumb, he didn’t say much else.

All through the war England and France made up horror stories
and leaked them to the rest of the world, which actually worked
very well to stirring up outside criticism against Germany. Some
of the tales of German wickedness that still circulate today originated
as English and French propaganda and were formally apologized for following the war. (*´∀`*)

Incidentally, when simple ‘ol America heard the variety of
“Germany’s (fake) Tales of Evil (by France and England)”
he shouted “I won’t forgive someone who does rotten things like that!”
and rushed over to support England.

That era’s America was still very America-like, wasn’t he? (´ー`*)

□They try feeding them to Italy as well□

□Don’t they open their eyes?□

There was a Web-Clap Comment that asked me about Italy’s eyes,
so I thought I should try drawing them with their eyes open once in a while.
Speaking of which, Italy’s only had his eyes open once or twice.