Nonlinear – Big Brother France and That Kid

Original (2006/08/09) | LJ Post
Scanlation: algidwind

■Jeanne d’Arc’s Troubles■

Jeanne d’Arc and France.
One day, I want to attempt a story like this once.
Russia and his boss invades France
And France will be beaten up (´ー`*)
Then Germany gets beaten up by France and ends up hospitalized for a long time. (laugh)

By the way, I pondered if I should use the actual people in Hetalia
but I decided to use vague expressions such as “boss” or “that girl.” (´ー`*)

Countries and people are somehow co-existing.

Now that I think about it,
until Napoleon mentioned about Jeanne d’Arc,
he totally forgot about her.
Bad guy…

↑England somehow always ends up with the role as a villain.
In the movies and novels related to Jeanne d’Arc, he is treated like a demon.
In movies, villains are usually played by the Brits.

Yup. Do your best, England.