Nonlinear – Assault☆The Neighbor’s Roswell Incident

Original (2006/12/26) | LJ Post
Scanlation: chibilin

■Roswell Incident■

Roswell Incident * The Fall of an Unidentified Object

The descent of an UFO-like object in America had become a world-shocking incident.
When America suddenly announce [A UFO came to us!],
England, France and Russia used all conceivable means to acquire information about this UFO.

But a few hours after this announcement, they made another announcement
claiming that the object in question is a weather balloon.

There were a lot of suspicions about the story of it being a weather balloon.
If the area where the balloon landed is closed, we’ll just interview the witness!
Or so they thought until the military threatened [Interviews are not to be released]
and all personnel related to the incident suddenly disappeared.
The strange situation raised rumours, and dramas and movies were made about the mysterious incident.

It seems that UFO landings incidents only happen in America.

After England went home…