Noninear – The Story of Italy’s Big Brother

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■The Story of Italy’s Big Brother■

The verb conjugations are retreating!
■I’ve Been Caught■

When the Italian Troops became prisoners of the British army,
When they were with England, their treatment was not as good.

■Let’s Try Escaping!■

Spain seems to have been extremely poor around these times.
Although Germany expected a request a dispatch of troops from the beginning,
Spain’s boss was outraged by the collateral required,
And said to Germany regarding his current status “Well, it’s fine if you don’t come.”
Eventually a few soldiers were dispatched in neutral circumstances.
Nevertheless, to hold them up as an example, despite only a few troops having been sent out,
The United Nations acted incredibly pitying towards Spain….
10th Name: Anonymous posted on 2000/07/11 (Tuesday)
What I think about the activities of the Italian Troops.

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