Main Storyline – Hetare 5: Lietuvis!!

Original: 1, 2 (2006/09/02 ~ 2006/12/20) | LJ Post
Translation: equivalent_t, aphonetie, jammerlea


During WWII, some soldiers in the American forces got too spirited
upon getting ice cream that they ended up
breaking their bones and had to be shipped home.

And, now that I think of it, it seems that American
battleships were fitted with ice-cream machines.
Doesn’t that sound like somebody else we know? (*´∀`*)

BTW – during the war, the American soldiers stationed in Britain
seemed to have been smash hits with the local lasses.
Of course, they were cool and cheerful and hunky and all that,
but the thing was—they were rich.

At the time, Britain was virtually broke—townsfolk couldn’t get
their hands on winter stockings, let alone candies.
But here came the American troops who, not suffering greatly from
food or supply shortages, gave whatever they got to the local girls.

Unsurprisingly, they became the next Joe Sexy.

Since it was allegedly pretty easy, there came a parade of American
soldiers who worked soulfully to get girls via chocolate or stockings.
Apparently, an order from the British side to ‘keep your
supplies to yourself and family!’ came out rather fast.

[T/N: Minami-Centrair – an attempted 2005 merger between the Mihama and
Minamichita townships in the Aichi prefecture
. Apparently furor after the name
(which was shoehorned in by the town council) caused the merger to stall, though
I don’t know any more details. The name Minami-Centrair came from the nearby airport.]

The country that grew most peevish at Germany and
Russia’s increasingly good relations was Japan.
Declaring that ‘the ways of the West are too inscrutable!’,
the entire Japanese cabinet resigned.

To the “Why did they resign over that!?” Europeans,
however, Japan’s actions were the most inscrutable of all…

Russia and Japan in the Russo-Japanese War.

Although Japan made its name known to the world
by crushing Russia in this conflict,
Japan had fought with everything it had.
In contrast, Russia had only brought out its regional troops
and still had oh so much resources to spare.

Thanks to this quarrel with Russia,
Japan used up five years’ worth of living expenses.
Fight on, Japan, fight.

The favourite war trophy among Russian troops appears to be the common water faucet.
“Awesome! Instantaneous water everywhere!”, indeed.
Long live Russian soldiers! (*´∀`*)

Russia partitioned Poland WAY too often.´・ω・)



Thus spake Mr. Lithuania, who, along with Poland,
had once beaten Germany’s family member to a pulp.


Q : How many Poles does it take to change a lightbulb?

A : Three. One to put the lightbulb in,
two to turn whatever the first is standing on.



And thus came the eventually useless
Polish-British Common Defence Pact and the
Franco-Polish Military Alliance. (*´∀`*)

By the way, Poland at the time was confident that it could
drive Germany out by it self, and planned to totally
do so and, like, go on an offensive to boot~
…or something along the lines.
Poland was awesome. Yes, he was.
■Nagoya-ben (Valley Girl) and Poland■

That’s like, totally unreal!
It’s so so impossible!
Like, seriously! But whatever,
I totally need to pee like right
now. Seriously to the max.






“Axis countries” – The term originally comes from
the name of the axis that connected Germany’s Berlin and Italy’s Rome.

T/N: 枢軸 = suujiku = Axis








And that’s about it for the chapter I spent the most time on: Hetalia chapter 5.
I felt like I was going to die writing about this particular time period.

Here is a diagram to help make the chapter a bit easier to understand.


[T/N: Image says “South Centrair (Fortune)”.]
A Centrair sticker that brings good luck when you paste it on something.

[T/N: The door is covered with South Centrair (Fortune) stickers.]