Main Storyline – Hetare 4: Pact of Steel

Original (2006/08/13 ~ 2006/08/27) | LJ Post
Translation: equivalent_t, konkira


Lithuania and Russia

After Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin finished their conference at Yalta,
they went on a sightseeing flight to the Black Sea.

No sooner than they’d taken off, a devil jumped onto
the airplane’s wing and started to destroy the engine.
Churchill kept his cool and began to negotiate.

“Sir, if you’ll stop that,
I’ll give you a seat in the House of Lords.”

The devil, however, refused to listen.
A few minutes later, Roosevelt said to the devil,

“Hey, you, yes, you. If you’ll stop,
I’ll give you as much Californian farmland and new Packard cars as you want.”

But the devil continued to destroy the engines.
At this point, Stalin gently shouted,

“Hey, you fuckwad, if you don’t stop that right
now I’ll throw you into the kolkhoz!”

At the moment the devil heard those words,
it flew away, never to be seen again.

From the kolkhoz that even the devil fears.

Lithuania and the Happy Three Baltic States

Although Lithuania used to be a big country with Poland,
Russia did its best to break that apart—>Lithuania is ‘recruited’.
Afterwards, poor Lithuania’s plight was to be beaten up by Russia day after day.
By the way, Lithuania-kun likes martial arts.
He’s also the (relatively) most cheerful among the Baltic states. (´ー`*)

The Trembling Trio


Italy’s brother in his dream (Italia Romano)
will appear in the second part!(´ー`*)
At this point, Italy was separated into the north and south, literally.




The Pact of Steel. A treaty exchanged between Germany and Italy
to help each other out if each is ever in a bind.
This pact will change the two Italy’s immeasurably in the future.

Truth be told, I find writing this to be more embarrassing than drawing naked people.


Italians have been an inconsistent people since forever. *laughs*
The North and the South never really got on all that well, but if you ask,

“Is there a strength difference because of the regions?”
In the First World War, Italian soldiers were conscripted from all parts of the country
and distributed evenly among the army,
but after WWI, they started making the units regional.


They really are HETARE! (・∀・)

The pendant, by the way, is the cross of the Teutonic Knights.


Although Poland and Lithuania used to be one country,
Lithuania was pretty much in the lackey position.
He was confounded by Poland’s many whims, apparently,
like “Speak Polish!” or “Live like me!”.

Poor, poor Lithuania. (・∀・)


Though Poland has the image of
‘the poor abused country stuck between Russia and Germany’
he actually has been destroyed many times and yet still rose back like a phoenix.
In other words, he seems to actually be a tough, strong country.

Surprisingly, there were times when he’d won against Russia and Germany.
The time he was with Lithuania was his golden age, where he and
Lithuania the Lackey conquered and expanded across Eastern Europe.

Also, this is pointless, but I based Poland’s accent on Nagoya schoolgirls.
(T/N: In English this would be Valley Girl.)



Russia actually had traumatic memories of Poland and letters before.
In one of their wars, he grew to distrust his allies thanks
to Poland’s fake letters and caused massive unrest in the ranks,
at which point Poland swooped in and took Moscow.

He did get a very thorough revenge afterwards, though.

Speaking of Russia’s friends, I completely forgot this person.



And so, we have the Pact of Steel.
Although Lithuania said ‘Soviet’ singularly in the last panel,
please think of it as the USSR.