Main Storyline – Hetare 3: Nonaggression Pact?

Original (2006/07/31 ~ 2006/08/02) | LJ Post
Translation: equivalent_t, rainy_takako, konkira

In the war, Italian tanks took one week to reach a target 60 kilometers away,
but once they saw English troops, retreated the same distance in one day!

There’s a legend that goes how an Italian corps all deserted upon running into the English,
and then gets caught by stupid reasons…
like hitting on women or sleeping in a restaurant.

Always be careful when strangling somebody bare-handed!


England’s famous Busby Stoop Chair has reputedly
cursed 61 people who sat on it to death…

Translator’s note: This strip was redrawn for Hetalia The Book,
where it is made clearer that the chair exploded because Russia is more evil than the chair.



Why did England and America fight?

France and Native Americans once fought the English colonies in a territorial dispute
(The French-Indian War).
Thanks to England’s reinforcements, America managed to defeat France
and the Native Americans and acquired more territories.

At this point, however, England’s characteristic tsundere-ness selfishness
(‘don’t buy tea from anyone except me’, ‘don’t be close to anyone except me’)
had created a good deal of animosity for America.
Though part of it was caused by his economy getting strained
by supporting the latter in the war,

That’s when America fought England to earn its freedom.
By the way, though England won at first,
America managed to turn the tables at the last minute and achieved victory.

And now, the present. Fight, England, fight!


Germany 180 cm
Italy 172 cm
Japan 165 cm

America 177 cm
England 175 cm
France 175 cm
Russia 182 cm
China 169 cm

Source: An American survey of average heights across countries.



And that’s about it for Hetalia chapter 3.
I have a feeling that Russia may invade the next chapter.
By the way, the Tripartite Pact came after the
non-aggression pact formed between Germany and Russia.
But Germany-Italy-Japan + Russia will continue
like this because it seems interesting. (´ー`*)