Main Storyline – Hetare 2: Allied Forces

Original (2006/07/17 ~ 2006/07/24) | LJ Post
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In reality, the Soviet Union simply renamed Russia.
But the name Russia is much cuter (´ー`*) That’s what Belarus also says.
Russia is a really interesting country.

Russian soldiers exclaimed, “You just turn the knob and
water comes out!” and joyfully took the water spigots.
They didn’t know about the existence of radar until the war was over.
Airplanes were flown by the naked eye.
A Russian soldier didn’t know how to wind up his wrist watch,
so he ended up wearing watches all up and down his arms. *
Although Russia frequently appears innocent and that there are a
lot of lovely sights to see like in the country, more than a
fair share of cruel stories come from Russia as well.
Perhaps by stopping a sense of honesty it will conversely become brutality.

And that’s it for Hetalia chapter 2.

T/N: * [Does anyone know where Himaruya got this story? I spent more time trying to research this than I did on translating! The main stories I found were about Russian soldiers + wristwatches and involved looting and stealing…]

[Main example: Flag on the Reichstag (From here)]

[Ex: 鄭 Russian soldier stopped a German girl and demanded her watch. She said she didn稚 have one. The soldier refused to believe her. Despite their difficulties in communicating, the girl finally convinces him. 鄭 pretty girl like you ought to have a watch,・he said, pulling up his sleeve and revealing an arm covered with watches. He selected the most attractive one and gave it to her.・(from here)]

[Ex: “In the farmyard, dozens of Russian soldiers, waving arms covered in watches nearly up to their elbows, were dancing in celebration.” (from this autobiography)]

[If you know, though, please share!]

(It is) Heaven on Earth (when)

The cook is French
The officer is British
The engineer is German
The banker is Swiss
And the lover is Italian

(It is) Hell (when)
The cook is British
The officer is German
The engineer is French
The lover is Swiss
And the banker is Italian