Hetalia World☆Stars 62-124

Chapter 62 (2015/05/01)Latvia, Russia
Chapter 63 (2015/05/04)Estonia, Latvia
Chapter 64 (2015/05/08)England, Italy
Chapter 65: China's Industrial Revolution (2015/05/11)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 66: Japan's Second Industrial Revolution (2015/05/15)America, Japan
Chapter 67: A Sudden Request~! (2015/05/18)England, Japan
Chapter 68 (2015/05/22)England, Japan
Chapter 69: A Bit of a Collab? (2015/05/25)England, Japan
Chapter 70: I Doubt He Feels Bad About it at All (2015/05/29)America, England, Romano
Chapter 71: He's Aiming for Number One at Everything (2015/06/01)America, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 72 (2015/06/05)America, Romano
Chapter 73: Super Hyper! (2015/06/08)Romano, Spain
Chapter 74: In a Long Phone Call, as Usual~! (2015/06/12)Romano, Spain
Chapter 75: Sometimes It's Like They Can Read Each Other's Thoughts, Other Times They Completely Misunderstand Each Other... (2015/06/15)Romano, Spain
Chapter 76: The Harsh Reality of Roses! (2015/06/19)Romano, Spain
Chapter 77: And Here is Portugal! (2015/06/22)Portugal, Spain
Chapter 78 (2015/06/26)Portugal, Seychelles, Spain
Chapter 79: Two of a Kind!? (2015/06/29)France, Portugal, Spain
Chapter 80: Introducing the Mature Man...! (2015/07/03)Macao, Portugal
England, Hong Kong
Chapter 81 (2015/07/06)Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, China, Japan
Chapter 82 (2015/07/10)Japan
Chapter 83 (2015/07/13)Macau, Netherlands, Portugal
India, Japan
Chapter 84 (2015/07/17)Macau, Netherlands, Portugal
Chapter 85: Independent Together (2015/07/19)Czech Republic, Slovakia
Austria, France
Chapter 86: The More They Argue, the Better They Get Along...!? (2015/07/24)Czech Republic, Slovakia
Chapter 87: Outbreak of the Hyphen War! (2015/07/26)Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia
Chapter 88: The Hyphen Problem: Continued (2015/07/31)Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Chapter 89: Problems with Country Names: Continued (2015/08/02)Czech Republic, Slovakia
Chapter 90: Czech's Daily Life (2015/08/07)Czech Republic
Chapter 91: Adequate Distance is Important (2015/08/09)Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Slovakia
Chapter 92: Let's All Help! (2015/08/14)France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy
Chapter 93: He's Shining...!? (2015/08/16)Estonia, Latvia
Chapter 94: He Resembles Him... or so He Hopes! (2015/08/21)Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden
Chapter 95: He's Not Listening at All... (2015/08/24)Estonia, Latvia
Chapter 96: The Baltic States, Tripartite Talk (2015/08/28)Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Chapter 97: They're Extremely Busy With Their Free Time (2015/08/31)Italy
Chapter 98: Boss and Subordinate, Continued (2015/09/04)Italy
Chapter 99: A Fighting Spirit is Important in Cleaning! (2015/09/07)Germany, Greece
Chapter 100: The Cleaning Up is Endless (2015/09/11)Germany, Greece
Chapter 101: Leave it to Your Neighbour Germany (2015/09/14)Germany, Greece
Chapter 102: A Huge Pile of Everyday Problems (2015/09/18)France, Germany
Chapter 103: Working With Team Nordic (2015/09/21)Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 104: Speaking of the Nordics' Leader...!? (2015/09/25)Denmark, Iceland
Chapter 105: Finland's Idea of a Holiday is Doing What...!? (2015/09/28)Finland, Iceland
Chapter 106: Please Enjoy This With the Dub (2015/10/02)Iceland, Norway
Denmark, Finland, Sweden
Chapter 107: A Grown-up Country Should... (2015/10/05)Denmark, Iceland, Sweden
Finland, Norway
Chapter 108: The Legend of Mr. Sweden (2015/10/09)Denmark, Sweden
Finland, Iceland
Chapter 109: To Nordics or Not to Nordics, That is the Question (2015/10/12)Denmark, Iceland
Finland, Norway
Chapter 110: In the End, They are All Good Friends (2015/10/16)Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 111: Their Smartphones are Nordic Designs Too (2015/10/19)Denmark, Finland
Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 112: He's So Close Yet So Far? (2015/10/23)Iceland
Finland, Sweden
Chapter 113: His friend is a "bird"!? (2015/10/26)Iceland
Chapter 114: The Unknown Secret Story of Iceland's Birth...!? (2015/10/30)Iceland
Chapter 115: Questioning Oneself... (2015/11/02)Iceland
Chapter 116: A Spare Moment in Loneliness (2015/11/06)Iceland
Chapter 117: He's a Talkative Bird... (2015/11/09)Iceland
Chapter 118: His Only Friend is a Bird... (2015/11/13)Denmark, Iceland, Norway
Chapter 119: Visiting Italy for the First Time in a While (2015/11/16)Italy, Japan
Chapter 120: A Classic Pasta Dish! (2015/11/20)America, Italy, Japan, Romano
Chapter 121: The Untold Story of the Birth of the Italian Carbonara! (2015/11/23)America, Italy, Romano
Chapter 122 (2015/11/27)America, Italy, Romano
Chapter 123: It Appears He's in the Middle of Flirting (2015/11/30)Romano, Spain
Chapter 124: He Gave Up on the Bull (2015/12/04)Romano, Spain