Hetalia World☆Stars 25-61

Chapter 25: America's Sloppy Suggestion! (2014/12/15)America, England
Chapter 26: The Pride of the British Empire... (2014/12/19)America, England, Italy
Chapter 27: Merry, Merry Christmas! (2014/12/22)Germany, Italy, Japan, Prussia
America, Australia
Chapter 28: Roman Emperor Dictionary ~Quintillus, Reign: 270AD~ (2014/12/26)Quintillus
America, Ancient Rome, Augustus, Caesar, Caligula, Claudius, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mark Antony, Nero, Prussia, Tiberius
Chapter 29: Pigs at the End of the Year...!? (2014/12/29)Germany, Italy
Chapter 30: Happy New Year!! And Thank You in Advance for Your Continuous Support This Year!! (2015/01/02)America, Italy, Japan
Chapter 31: Still Got That New Year's Spirit (2015/01/05)America, England
Chapter 32: America, New Year...; Germany, Morning of January 1st (2015/01/09)America, Germany, Prussia
Chapter 33: Cooking Up a Storm! (2015/01/12)Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 34: Voice of Joy and Praise (2015/01/16)America, Japan
Chapter 35: When You Say Fashionable... Of Course...? (2015/01/19)France
Chapter 36: Stylish France! (2015/01/23)America, England, France
Chapter 37: Bonjour...! (2015/01/26)France, Germany, Italy
Chapter 38: France and England Have Been Frenemies Since the Day They Were Born. (2015/01/30)England, France, Italy
Chapter 39: The Launch of the Comic's Memorable First Volume is Confirmed...!! Hurry Before it's Sold Out! (2015/02/02)Italy (Chibitalia)
Chapter 40: In Verona (2015/02/06)Germany, Italy
Chapter 41: The Unknown Secret of Valentine's Day...! (2015/02/09)Germany, Gothicus, Quintillus
Chapter 42: Valentine's Day (2015/02/13) America, England, France, Italy, Japan, Taiwan
Chapter 43: Xióng Māo = Panda (2015/02/16)China, Japan
Chapter 44: Qū mó shī! = Exorcist (2015/02/20)China, Italy
Chapter 45: Switzerland's First Appearance (2015/03/02)Italy, Switzerland
Chapter 46 (2015/03/06)Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
Chapter 47: Roman Emperor Picture Book: Emperor Probus (276-282AD) (2015/03/09)Ancient Rome, Probus
Chapter 48: Roman Emperor Picture Book: Emperor Probus (276-282AD) (2015/03/13)Ancient Rome, Gothicus, Probus
Domitian, France
Chapter 49: Russia Joins the Meeting! (2015/03/16)Germany, Russia
Chapter 50 (2015/03/20)Italy, Russia
Chapter 51: Mission Impossible: Gifting the Russian Way (2015/03/23)Egypt, France, Italy, Russia
Chapter 52: The Unknown History of Gladiators (2015/03/27)Spiculus
Ancient Rome, Agrippina, Nero
Chapter 53: What's Going On Behind Those Smiles...?! (2015/03/30)America, France, Russia
Japan, Lithuania
Chapter 54: Grandpa Rome Appears in Their Dreams...!? (2015/04/03)Ancient Rome, Italy, Romano
Chapter 55: Persia and the Two Kings (2015/04/06)Ancient Rome, Persia, Shapur 1, Valerian
Chapter 56 (2015/04/10)Ancient Rome, Persia, Shapur 1, Valerian
Chapter 57 (2015/04/13)America, England, France, Germany, Prussia
Chapter 58: Viva the Industrial Revolution! (2015/04/17)America, Italy, Romano
Chapter 59 (2015/04/20)America, Romano
Chapter 60: The Sorrows of England (2015/04/24)America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Romano, Russia
Chapter 61 (2015/04/27)Russia