Hetalia World☆Stars 125-234

Chapter 125: Seems Like That Wasn't Very Cool (2015/12/07)Romano, Spain
Chapter 126: Choosing a Job Now! (2015/12/11)Italy, Romano, Spain
Chapter 127: Rations = The Meals of the Military (2015/12/14)England, Russia
Chapter 128: Russia's Tea is Mega-Sweet! (2015/12/18)England, Russia
Chapter 129: Each Country's Military Food Situation (2015/12/21)England, Germany, Russia
Chapter 130: The Military Food From Next Door Seems Interesting... (2015/12/25)Germany, Italy
Australia, England, Russia
Chapter 131: Not Much Confidence... (2015/12/28)America, England
Chapter 132: England Worries About the Heavy Duties on Alcohol... (2016/01/01)America, England
Chapter 133: Authenticity is Key (2016/01/04)England, Japan
Chapter 134: An Authentic Maid Cafe that's the Pride of England! (2016/01/08)England, Japan
Chapter 135: Finally, the Appearance of Proper Maids! (2016/01/11)England, Japan
Chapter 136 (2016/01/15)England, Japan
Chapter 137 (2016/01/18)England, Japan
Chapter 138 (2016/01/22)England, Japan
Chapter 139: The Uncompromising Fixation of a Great Gaming Country (2016/01/25)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 140: Let's First Start with the Design! (2016/01/29)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 141: The Trouble with being a Great Gamer Country... (2016/02/01)China, Hong Kong
Chapter 142: End of the Year and Beginning of the New Year Greetings (2016/02/05)England, Japan
Chapter 143: Russia Visiting France! (2016/02/08)France, Russia
Chapter 144: Starting off with the Well-Known Spots (2016/02/12)France, Russia
Chapter 145: A Marvel of the West Beloved by All! (2016/02/15)France, Russia
Chapter 146: Consideration for His Guest (2016/02/19)France, Russia
Chapter 147: America's Sharp Retort... (2016/02/22)America, Japan
Chapter 148: America's Spur-of-the-Moment Decision (2016/02/26)America, Japan
Chapter 149: The Unbelievable Proposition is Fulfilled! (2016/02/28)America, Japan
Chapter 150: The Cats and Dogs Duo Appear! (2016/03/04)Greece, Turkey
Chapter 151: Sometimes Tourists are More Well-Informed... (2016/03/07)Belgium, Japan
Chapter 152: First, You Investigate... (2016/03/11)Belgium
Chapter 153: The Mystery Behind the Dog Becomes Clear... (2016/03/14)Belgium
Chapter 154: Full-Throttle-Hospitality! (2016/03/18)Belgium
Chapter 155: The World is Watching! (2016/03/21)America, England
Chapter 156: It's a Rather Long Battle. (2016/03/25)America, England
Chapter 157: No Wonder He's So Sarcastic... (2016/03/28)America, England, Russia
Chapter 158: He's Actually a Little Envious... (2016/04/01)America, Romano
Chapter 159: Szia! Working Hard at Business!! (2016/04/04)Czech Republic, Hungary
Chapter 160: Spa Battle Outbreak! (2016/04/08)Czech Republic, Hungary
Chapter 161: Czech Wants to Settle the Score (2016/04/11)Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
Chapter 162: With Their Pride on the Line... (2016/04/15)Czech Republic, Hungary
Chapter 163: Making His Claim Vehemently! (2016/04/18)Italy, Romania, Romano
Ancient Rome
Chapter 164: For Proof of his Love... (2016/04/22)Italy, Romania, Romano
Chapter 165: He Doesn't Want to Accept it... He Can't Accept it... (2016/04/25)Italy, Romania, Romano
Chapter 166: His Heart is Strong! (2016/04/29)Italy, Romania, Romano
Chapter 167: A Buono Mood! (2016/05/02)Austria, Germany, Spain
Chapter 168: Oil! Oil!! Oil!!! (2016/05/06)Austria, Germany, Spain
Chapter 169: Oil Shock (2016/05/09)Austria, Spain
Chapter 170: Oil is a Beverage...!? (2016/05/13)France, Spain
Chapter 171: A Sudden Declaration! (2016/05/16)Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Chapter 172: A Half-Squeaked Countermeasure! (2016/05/20)Italy, Romano
Chapter 173: Does it... Work?! (2016/05/23)Germany, Italy
Chapter 174: High Hopes for the Japanese Arcana (2016/05/27)Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 175: A Sudden Pop Quiz (2016/05/30)Canada, Seychelles
America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia
Chapter 176: It's Canada of the G8... (2016/06/03)Canada, Seychelles
Chapter 177: He Saw Me!? This is the End for Me!? (2016/06/06)America, Canada
Chapter 178: Are They Alike? Or are They Not!? (2016/06/10)Canada
Chapter 179: Canada is Immensely Interested in America! (2016/06/13) America, Canada
Chapter 180: A Memory from Bygone Days (2016/06/17)America, Canada
Chapter 181: The Anguish of Being Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place... (2016/06/20)America, Canada
Chapter 182: I Want to Somehow... Convey These Feelings to You! (2016/06/24)America, Canada, England
Chapter 183: A Disturbing Invitation! (2016/06/27)France, Germany
Italy, Spain
Chapter 184: A Proclamation with His True Intention (2016/07/01)France, Germany
Chapter 185: A Guest Appears in the Uniform Discussion (2016/07/04)France, Germany, Japan
Chapter 186: His Passion for Uniforms Will Not Cease! (2016/07/08)France, Germany, Japan
America, Canada
Chapter 187: It's the First Edition (2016/07/11)Holy Roman Empire, Prussia
The Brothers Grimm
Chapter 188: An Apology for the Excessive Eroticism... (2016/07/15)The Brothers Grimm
Chapter 189: Revision After Revision! (2016/07/18)The Brothers Grimm
Chapter 190: The Strong Bond of Brothers... (2016/07/22)The Brothers Grimm, Prussia
Chapter 191: A Sudden Farewell...! (2016/07/25)England, France, Germany
Chapter 192: Now Revealed - The Untold Story of Their First Encounter...! (2016/07/29)Canada, England, France
Chapter 193: Like a Father, and Like an Older Brother... (2016/08/01)America, England, Russia
France, Netherlands, Prussia, Spain
Chapter 194: I Do Things My Way...! (2016/08/05)Canada, Denmark, England, Netherlands, Norway, Russia
Austria, France, India, Italy, Portugal, Prussia, Spain, Sweden
Chapter 195 (2016/08/08)Canada, England, India
Chapter 196: The Nursing Continues, and He's Giving it His All!! (2016/08/12)Canada, England
Chapter 197: A Conflict Over England... (2016/08/15)America, Canada
Chapter 198: He Can Do it... If He Tries!! (2016/08/19)Canada
Chapter 199: A Friendly Argument (2016/08/22)Canada, England
Chapter 200: An Enemy...? An Ally...?! (2016/08/26)America, Canada
Chapter 201: Australia, Sort of a Younger Brother, Appears! (2016/08/29)Australia, Canada, England
Chapter 202: May Seem Like a Compliment, But... (2016/09/02)Australia, Canada
Chapter 203: Everyone is Tired and Exhausted... (2016/09/05)Canada, England, France, India, Prussia
Chapter 204: Let's Try to Come Up With an Analogy (2016/09/09)Canada
America, England
Chapter 205: A Grimm Emergency!? (2016/09/12)The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Prussia
Denmark, Norway
Chapter 206: Young Girls are Prone to Being Targeted by the Big Bad Wolf! (2016/09/16)The Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault
Chapter 207: A Contract of Truce (2016/09/19)America, Canada
Chapter 208: A Weighty Suggestion Made Lightly...! (2016/09/23)America, Canada
Chapter 209: The Mystery as Seen by America! (2016/09/26)America, Canada, Japan
Chapter 210: An Invitation to Pioneering (2016/09/30)America, Canada
Chapter 211: The Ham and Eggs is Innocent... (2016/10/03)America, Canada, England
Chapter 212: Becoming Independent Too Suddenly... (2016/10/07)Canada, England
Chapter 213: The One He was Underestimating... (2016/10/10)America
Chapter 214: They Just Can't Keep Calm... (2016/10/14)America, Canada
Chapter 215: A Soothing Presence... (2016/10/17)France, Germany, Seychelles
Chapter 216: O~cean View~~!! (2016/10/21)France, Germany, Seychelles
Chapter 217: France's Seal of Approval...!? (2016/10/24)France, Germany, Seychelles
Chapter 218: At Last, Even in Seychelles... (2016/10/28) France, Germany, Seychelles
Chapter 219: Catch 'em All in the Indian Ocean!? (2016/10/31) France, Germany, Seychelles
Chapter 220: It's a Bit Sad... (2016/11/04) France, Seychelles
Chapter 221: Heightened Expectations for Municipal Government!! (2016/11/07) Germany, Italy
Chapter 222: They Can't be Corrupted, So I Guess it Works...? (2016/11/11) Germany, Italy
Chapter 223: Tell Me More! Festivities in the World! (2016/11/14) Italy, Japan
Chapter 224: There's No Shortage of Stories to Tell... (2016/11/18) Estonia, Finland, Italy, Japan, Sweden
Chapter 225: Festive Affairs of a Major Power... (2016/11/21) America, Estonia, Japan
Chapter 226: And Still They Keep Coming... (2016/11/25) France, Italy, Japan
Chapter 227: Effort Pays Off...? (2016/11/28) America, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand
Chapter 228: There's No Shortage of Stories to Tell... (2016/12/05) Canada, Romano
Chapter 229: Battle of the North...! (2016/12/12) Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 230: A Looming Shadow... (2016/12/19) Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Chapter 231: To Leave, or Not To Leave? (2016/12/26) Germany, Italy, Romano
Chapter 232: I'm Really Gonna Do It, You Hear? (2016/12/30) Germany, Romano
Chapter 233: A Phone Call of Bad Luck Comes Suddenly... (2017/01/02) America, England, Japan
Chapter 234: Staring at Transformations on the Other Shore... (2017/01/06) America, England