Hetalia World☆Stars 1-24

Chapter 1: The World-Centric Comedy about Nation Personifications is our Shocking New Serialisation! (2014/09/22)Germany, Italy
France, Liechtenstein, Spain
Chapter 2: The Anticipated New Serialisation! Second Chapter... Suddenly Rome!? (2014/09/26)Agrippina, Nero
Chapter 3: After the Rain, There's Hetalia! (2014/09/29)Germany, Italy
Chapter 4: Still Touring (2014/10/03)Germany, Italy
Chapter 5: Emperor Nero... The Forgotten Days... (2014/10/06)Agrippina, Nero
Chapter 6: Emperor Nero's Half-wit Days! (2014/10/10)Nero
Chapter 7: Germany Takes a Break! (2014/10/13)Germany, Italy
Chapter 8: News Flash! Italy's Gotten Fat!? (2014/10/17)Germany, Italy
Chapter 9: Who is This Man Calling Emperor Nero a Fucking Brat!? (2014/10/20)Anicetus, Burrus, Nero, Seneca
Chapter 10 (2014/10/24)Anicetus, Burrus, Nero, Seneca
Didius Julianus, Diocletian, Heliogabalus, Valerian
Chapter 11: Anime is the Universal Language of the Whole World...! (2014/10/27)Germany, Italy
Chapter 12: The Secret Story of His Birth! (2014/10/31)Austria, Germany, Prussia
Chapter 13: Roman Emperor Picture Book ~Augustus (27BC - 14AD)~ (2014/11/03)Agrippa, Augustus,
Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony
Chapter 14: Roman Emperor Picture Book ~Tiberius (14BC - 37AD)~ ~Caligula (37 - 41AD)~ (2014/11/07)Caligula, Tiberius
Nero, Thrax
Chapter 15: This is Japan! (2014/11/10)Germany, Italy, Japan
Chapter 16: A Melody That Transcends History and Reaches You... (2014/11/14)Germany, Italy, Japan
America, Romano
Chapter 17: Roman Emperor Picture Book ~Claudius (41AD - 54AD)~ (2014/11/17)Claudius
Chapter 18: Roman Emperor Picture Book ~Extra Edition: Antony~ (2014/11/21)Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony
Chapter 19: Catches on Fast (2014/11/24)Germany, Italy, Romano
Chapter 20: Italy-kun has an Older Brother (2014/11/28)Germany, Italy, Romano
Chapter 21: The Mood is Positive (2014/12/01)Ancient Rome, Augustus, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Tiberius
Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Germania, Persia, Pontus
Chapter 22: Light Discussion and a Surprising Proposal (2014/12/05)Anicetus, Burrus, Nero, Seneca
Chapter 23: This is America! (2014/12/08)America, Italy, Japan
England, France, Germany
Chapter 24: Hi! What's Up! (2014/12/12)America, Germany, Italy, Japan