Hetalia Fantasia 3 – Track 04 “The Decisive Battle!” (Partial Translation)

[This is a partial translation. It was never completed.]

Chanting: The Black and White Knight of the Dark

America: Uwaa what’s that? A new kind of parade?

England: That’s not it! Those are the players that have been beaten by that Knight.

France: Even if they look like that it looks kind of fun.

France: Isn’t it kind of good that Canada wasn’t able to easily beat him?

England: You can go ahead! I won’t stop you…

China: You guys don’t fight in a place like this!

America: Canada, we’ll save you for sure!

Prussia: Did you lots think that I wouldn’t notice you’re movements and sounds? Were you trying to deceive the eyes of the darkness?

America: Ah dammit! To think you would notice us that quickly! Hey you! I lost before but I won’t let it happen that way again!

France Uwaah! That has a lot of force to it! It forceful but… (Not really sure what Keiyou is?)Style or something) fashion sense type. Since he doesn’t have that many accessories he shouldn’t pile up so many guns, to me anyway.

Prussia: No matter what your explanation is, it’s just a waste of your time.

England: Sorry but, we have the person you hate the most with us!

Hey Russia! We’re counting on you!

-There is no sound connection from Russia-

England: Hey! What’s going on? H-hey! Respond already!

Russia: Sorry, my boss suddenly wanted me to do-
Uwah! Stop it with that green color! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!

-Russia has logged out-



China! AAahhaahhhhh! Just when we brought him here…in this urgent situation!!!

America: What the hell is up with you Russia! Damn you!

Prussia: Thank goodness…

America: Eh? You say something?

Prussia: That was an echo resounding in the darkness, don’t worry about it.
Let’s go!

America: Come at me! Even without Russia here, there’s no way we’ll lose!

Germany: Count off!

Italy: One!

Germany: That is all!

Italy: Captain! Captain! What should I do?

Germany: That’s right, first you should work on rising you’re level, bring up you’re strength, and find you’re magical power.

Girl 1: Oh yeah Greece never talks, he never moves!

Girl 2: Eh? I heard that he’s just sleeping! Maybe if we waited for him we could see!

Italy: Ve, ve, ve, ve, veve ve ve!

Germany: The first step to finding you’re miracle power is necessary to the second step is being granted you’re found power, this is the most important. In your case, you’re stamina is weakest, so this is what it should be used for.

Germany: Huh? I-ITALYY!!!

Italy:Uuu, I got turned down. Maybe I’ve gotten bad at hitting on girls…I’ll just head back to where Germany is.
Wait, where was that again? Oh?

Poland: Jeez! I like don’t get it!

Italy: Oh! This voice is!

Poland: Uuu, these controls or whatever, this companion thing…I really don’t get it! For me I’ve only got you!

Uppi (Poland’s pet in the game): uuupii sounds

Italy: Yo! It’s you Poland right? So you were playing this game too huh?

Poland: I-Italy! I’m so glad! Like so glad! I was totally happy with being able to start the game on my own but even now I don’t know what is what! I was totally thinking “What should I do now!?”

Italy: Ahahan! Poland, I’m here now so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Poland: Hmm, even if I’m with Italy I’m still a little worried.

Italy:/goon (like a revelation thing you know)
Uwaah! What’s this? Can I pet it? Can I pet it?

Poland: Ah yeah! Uppi is her name! She’s a super good girl! I like, used some magic thingy and she appeared and she was totally cute!

Italy: Ohh! She sure is cute! It’s nice to meet you, Uppi!

Uppi: Uuuppi…

Italy: So, Poland are you alone?

Poland: Well as you can see, yeah. A certain someone is TOO busy, it seems.

Italy: Then you should just come along with me! Being on my own was fun, but if it was the both of us I bet it would be even more fun!

Poland: Seriously? Seriously? I totally love you Italy!

Italy: Alrighhht! We can leave on our journey to adventure! Let’s go!

Poland: Yeah!

Poland: I-Italy. Is this like okay? I’m getting this really insecure feeling you know?

Italy: It’ll be fine! Austria said “Once you walk a bit you’ll reach that house! It’s that house!” At least that’s what he told me!

Poland: If it’s that guy’s words, that makes it all the more bad! Can we like go back? C’mon lets go back?

Italy: There aren’t and girls here and Germany isn’t here either, I guess we should!

Guy 1: Heey! It’s dangerous over there!

Italy: Yahouu! What’s going on? Are you doing some sort of new dance?

Guy 1: No no no no no! No matter how you look at me I’m running away dude!

Poland: Italy, is it okay if I hide behind you?

Guy 1: Why isn’t the problem here! It’s the Black and White Knight of Darkness! If you don’t run away you’ll-

Italy: Black and white? That’s the player everyone was saying…

Guy 1: Yeah that’s right him! Well then see you later!!

Italy: Ah. He’s off.

France: I-Is that voice…Italy?

Italy: Oh! Big Brother France?

France: Big Brother, wanted to run away a little faster but…it ended up like this.

Italy: Big Brother are you alright? Uwaah! You’re really worn out aren’t you!!Who did these horrible things to you?

France: It was the Knight, the one with the ridiculous amount of power, and also the ridiculously bad sense of style…

Poland: Is that Knight like, a bad guy? Is he close by?

France: Yeahh, Have either of you two used you’re recovery yet? If you’ve made it this far, it might be better to use it…

Italy: I won’t use it.

Poland: No freakin way.

France: Oh real-

Italy: Big Brother France! Big Brother!

Poland: L-like what the heck is going on?!


Prussia: This is what I mean.

America: Uwaaa-waaa-waaaa…/falls

Canada: Kyaaaaaaaa! America has!!!

America: It’s ….not over yet!!

Prussia: Make your choice. Will you take the hand of darkness? Or will you be swallowed by it?


Germany: Italy! Italy!! Jeez that guy…

Guy 1: Right here…I should be fine…

Germany: Ahh, sorry to ask you when you’re in such a hurry but, did you happen to see a guy with brown hair and a curly thing sticking from his head anywhere?

Guy 1: Huh? There was a person with droopy like eyes and a person with something sticking out like that from where I was running away from.

Germany: Oh! Thank you that’s him!

Guy 1: If I were you I would avoid going that way! There’s a really dangerous guy there!

Germany: A dangerous guy?

Guy 1: Dangerous or whatever! If you were French I would avoid saying so. If he finds out it looks like you’ll face a horrible fate. Especially if you have eyebrows. Anyway! He’s a really dangerous guy! That droopy eyed kid might be next you know!

Germany: I see, if I hurry then!

Guy 1: Ah! Wait a sec!