Hetalia Fantasia 3 – Track 02 “The Path That Leads to There”

Poland: No way! No way… like, no way… Wha-what the heck is going on?! There’s totally no dragon appearing!

*screen change*

America: It’s easy! First you turn on the computer with a BEEP! Now LET’S ACCESS the GREAT, ENERGETIC official website that I made myself! Once you’re on the page, you just gotta beep again! If you do all that, you can play my WONDERFUL game!

Poland: I did exactly what he said, and I totally can’t play! I’m beeping! I’m totally beeping, man! I’m totally beeping this thing like crazy!

Poland: M-My life is flashing before my eyes.

Poland: *sob* I’m not crying. I, like, just got some Pierogi stabbed to my side is all.

*door opens*

Poland: Huh?!

Estonia: Ah, there you are! You’re crying, just like he said you’d be doing.

Poland: Estoniaaaaa!

Estonia: Hello. Tere õhtust (Good evening.). “He’ll probably turn his desktop monitor on and off while crying and saying his life is flashing before his eyes if he does this alone, so is it all right if I ask you to go and help him out?” is what Lithuania said to me. Am I intruding right now?

*Poland sobs*

Estonia: Now then, how’s about we get started and install this game? I play this game too so please feel free to ask me anything about this game. Hehe.

Poland: E-Estonia. *cries* *sniff* *sniff*

Estonia: My apologies. I really wanted to come over here earlier, but I lost track of time while I was looking at the stocks go up and down on my 12 monitor computer.

Poland: I’m cool with that! Ah! Can you, like, tell Lithuania that I did everything myself?

Estonia: Oh, sure. You did everything yourself, correct?

Poland: Yup!

Estonia: Ah, it’s finished. There we go!

Poland: Already? That’s way too fast!

Estonia: Oh, if I do a bit of tinkering I can make your character kill a dragon in one hit. Would you like me to?

Poland: I-I’ll pass. Se-seriously, no way.

Estonia: I see. Well then, if chance may have it, let us meet online.

Poland: Ah… I can totally make my character — finally! Yay! Ah! I’m not sure how to say this… Um, if I have to say something, then I guess I’d say, “thank you” or whatever…

Estonia: Something like this is a cinch for me. Contact me anytime if anything happens.

Poland: Ah! Don’t forget to say I did everything myself when you, like, tell Liet.

Estonia: Yes, yes, you did everything yourself. Hehe.

Poland: Yup! Ah, want a bite to eat? I’ve got so much weird-o stuff in my fridge!

Estonia: I’ll take that Pierogi right there as thanks.

Poland: That one’s a bit hard; you cool with that?

Estonia: It’s perfect. It’ll be much easier for stabbing if it’s hard like this.

Poland: Hm?

Estonia: Well then, I’ll take my leave here. Ilusat päeva (Have a nice day)!

Poland: Mm! Dobranoc (Good night)!

*Estonia leaves*

Poland: All right, let’s do this!

Narrator: It’s time for Poland’s great adventure to begin!

Poland: My stats are totally OMGWTF awesome, of course!

Italy: I ate my pizza, took my siesta, and I’ve even got some cappucino with me! Yay, it’s adventure time! Today’s the day I get to go on an adventure with everyone!

*Italy runs to Germany*

Italy: Ciao! Here I am, Germany! Hehe, am I cool? Am I?

Germany: Huh?! Yeah…. Italy actually arriving before him? What in the world?

Italy: What’s wrong? Ate one too many gelati today?

Germany: You think I’m you? Japan still hasn’t arrived yet, and he’s always 5 minutes early. There’s also something strange going on in my house… Never mind, that has no connection to what’s happening right now.

Italy: Really? That really is an unusual thing. I wonder what’s happening with him?

Germany: There’s not much we can do now. We’ll wait a little longer.

Female P1: It looks like the Black and White Knight of the Dark Night is running wild in Victoria this time.

Female P2: Whoa, is that true? Then we really should stay far away from there for a while.

Female P1: Yup. They say that not only does he force you to become his follower, but he also plunders all of your items and money, too.

Italy: The Black and White Knight of the Dark Night?

Germany: Hey! Don’t wander off!


Germany: Hm?

System: You have received 1 message.

Japan: I must apologize to the two of you. An emergency has just occurred, and I will, unfortunately, not be able to meet with the two of you today. I am truly sorry.

Italy: That’s why he’s not here. Must be tough.

Japan: I am not quite sure how to say this, but Hetalia Fantasia has entered a state of emergency.

Germany: What… was that?!

Japan: As a precaution, I shall warn you: Should you happen to see a knight that makes a loud clink clank noise due to the many accessories he’s equipped and has a bird riding on his shoulder, you must not approach him for any reason, and you must immediately flee from the area with haste.

*hang up*